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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Food Trip | Turf Lounge Bar

FOOD TRIP | Turf Lounge Bar
Baguio Food Tour 2013

A Turf for everyone else to enjoy has come to the night scene of Baguio City, a new watering hole in a seemingly unexpected joint along Laubach Road. Hopeless with a map on hand, I wouldn't be able to pin point this place even if a landmark stares right back at me, good thing Baguio's Taxi service is superb and you really would not miss "Turf" if the driver knows where Laubach Road is located.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Food Trip | Le Chef @ The Manor

FOOD TRIP | Le Chef @ The Manor
Baguio Food Trip 2013

It was pleasant, it was serene, though The Manor is suited for posh crowd, I'd never imagine stepping inside after being invited to an afternoon siesta in their in house restaurant Le Chef. From the entrance, you'll see polished wood basking in warm light, of huge chandeliers and hanging Christmas decoration lights, the liveries and attendants dressed to kill, of big luggage's towed in the lobby, it was all too formal.