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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cagayan De Oro | A Walk In The Gateway Of Northern Mindanao

CAGAYAN DE ORO | The Gateway Of Northern Mindanao
A Walk At Rush Hour

Note: The pictures and events I'll post here was done a month prior to the Typhoon Sendong Disaster.

I like walking in Cities. Cagayan De Oro City is hardly the best city for this, but surprisingly a lot of people do walk here. As of my experience when I tried walking to their weekend night market in Plaza Divisoria, It was time to look at CDO in a different light. A city of bustling people, walking to and fro, traversing from either Taxis or Motorela or simply walking through a few blocks. Like in any other city, traffic goes heavy during rush hour.

This Tribute for the Slain Media men is one of the Monuments that I passed through.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Camiguin | Giant Clam Conservation

CAMIGUIN | Giant Clam Conservation
A Glimpse of the Endangered Marine Bivalves

A last stop for my Camiguin road trip, this proves to be like an amazing race tour. Trying to get to as many locations in Camiguin as we can for just a day. This place is run by volunteers and situated on a secluded section of Camiguin Island. As with the quick lecture with their guides, Giant Clams require pristine water conditions to survive and flourished. This small community is not just volunteers but advocates of environment preservation.

We were introduced to different species of Giant Clams that they keep in tanks for nursery. I got lots of questions, especially when I was told that Giant Clams also produce pearls, more so it would be nice to snorkel in their beaches where the real giant clams are being kept under constant monitoring.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Camiguin | The Road Through The Island via Habal Habal

CAMIGUIN | The Island via Habal Habal
My One Day Affair with Camiguin

November 5, 2011
Instead of spending an overnight trip in Camiguin, I opted for a whole day trip instead, so I could maximize itineraries in Northern Mindanao. One of the things I've sacrificed though is taking Sunset pictures at Camiguin Sunken Cemetery, the place looks mysterious and I know I could expect something better if I waited but time is not my friend today.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Camiguin | Old Church Ruins

CAMIGUIN | Church Ruins
Remains Of A Church Long Burried In Ash

Travel Bloggers call this Black Tourism, were you feature places and locations that had a violent or dark history behind it. Camiguin is not called the Island Born of The Fire for nothing, as the entire island itself is littered with many volcanoes both old a new ones. The Sunken Cemetery is just one evidence of the force of nature lurking beneath the island. What I witnessed here in the Old Church Ruins is what's left of the original foundation of a church, could have been a Cathedral in respect because its obvious that it was a huge edifice before a Volcanic eruption ruined it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camiguin | Sunken Cemetery

CAMIGUIN | Sunken Cemetery
A History of Geological Violence

Now this little place in here is a keeper. Famous for what it is called. A cemetery was buried underwater following the eruption of one of Camiguin's active Volcano. They can still be viewed by snorkeling, which I didn't do. The big cross is more like a landmark of the place, a nice piece considering that a lot of folks come here and take pictures, judging by its location, this place provide a spectacular view of the sunset if the time is perfect, unfortunately for me, I was here on a lunch time on a cloudy day. I took lunch by the restaurant here as recommended by our guide Kuya Jojo. We selected what we want to eat, and they'll prepare it while we ride a ferry to inspect the big cross as seen below.