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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Romblon | Sibuyan's Mt Guiting Guiting In Photos

ROMBLON | Sibuyan's Mt Guiting Guiting In Photos

It is an aspiration that needed to be realized so that I can say to myself that I have lived. My hiking adventures were just for fun at the beginning; but as I keep progressing in hiking mountains with beautiful landscape views, I also took on challenging mountain hikes in order. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

VLOG | Mt Guiting Guiting Traverse

Mt Guiting Guiting
San Fernando - Magdiwang Traverse

Recently I've been trying to think of ways to present my blog and I've been very busy with climbing mountains for the most part. This blog is supposed to be for travel and photography so I cannot just limit my blog post to hiking adventures. This would be my first blog post using videos I took during my adventures in Sibuyan Island. I am trying to improve on my video editing skills, as an amateur using GoPro and this is my first work. Please watch in HD to better appreciate.

View of Mt Guiting Guiting Saw Tooth Rocks and Knife Edge Trail from Mayo's Peak.