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Friday, April 24, 2015

North Cotabato | Magpet At The Foothills of Mt Apo

NORTH COTABATO | Magpet At The Foothills of Mt Apo
Mt Apo's Elfin Woodland

Thickly forested sloping terrain with diverse Flora and Fauna, Magpet being situated at the foothills of the Talomo-Apo Mountain Range is one of the easy trails to consider when hiking Mt Apo the Philippines highest mountain.

Monday, April 6, 2015

North Cotabato | Cold Mornings In Lake Venado

NORTH COTABATO | Cold Mornings In Lake Venado
The Enchanted 2nd Highest Lake In The Philippines

Kim and I were actually taking each other's photo, marveling at the clear reflection we have in the lake. Joanne is trying to warm up with a little walk. The saturated greens and blues of the photo were no exaggeration; I don't over enhance my photographs.

Enchanted and Beautiful, this Endorheic Lake near the summit of Mt Apo is the Philippines 2nd Highest Lake in elevation. It's not surprising since Mt Apo dubbed as "The Grandfather of Philippine Mountains" is the country's roof top. We camped here after a daylong of trekking the forested Boholanon trail of Magpet, and here's an account of what happened when we arrived and waking up near a sublime body of water with the facade of Mt Apo's many summits looming before it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rizal | Sunset at Mt Daraitan

RIZAL | Sunset at Mt Daraitan
The Far Corner of Taytay Rizal

The January wind is strong, it blew away any chance of cloud formation that would have made this moment more scenic. It was a long day, traveling to this far corner of Taytay Rizal after a graveyard shift, with the midday trekking under cover of Mt Daraitan's forest, I could not wish for a more pleasant way to cap this day than Sunset watching. Mt Daraitan's rocky summit proved to be a pleasant viewpoint to watch the Sunset as we feel the light rain and strong winds pass us by.