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Friday, September 30, 2011

Zambales Weekend Getaway

Zambales, A Weekend Respite

Specifically, San Felipe has become a weekend respite for me for the last 3 years.
Much like Puerto Galera, when friends decide to leave the big city for a weekend to frolic in the Sun.
I guess people would relate to this if you work in Metro Manila where things can be cluttered.

I took this picture early in the morning before sunrise on the unfinished marina by the beach.
It had been raining hard the day before so I wasn't expecting a good sunrise.
I was just inspecting the Marina and the colorful graffiti,
when the sunlight poked through the crevices, it was a startling contrast with the drawings.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales | Surfing Newbie Adventure

ZAMBALES | Surfing Zambales

It's surfing season.. Before it doesn't mean much to me but it does now that I've tried it. Did I tell before that I am such a water whore.. I'm always at home with water. Reason why most places that I like to go with must have  or least a chance for me to swim or snorkel. I can't count the many times I almost drowned as a kid, because I kept on trying to learn to swim on my own.. Not in a swimming pool mind you, but on a fresh water river in my Mom's hometown, Mambusao Capiz.

Liw-Liwa is a sitio in San Felipe, Zambales. San Felipe was practically a coastline I've been coming here for the last 3 years.. Every time I want to enjoy a weekend by the beach I have a friend who's got a beach house here.. In all my time, I never knew that the place was good for surfing. Well, It was probably off season when I went here the last time which was April 2011.

Trying to surf as a newbie was challenging for me. My body doesn't have that balanced symmetry.. I made up for it for stamina though.

It's really fun, It's no wonder why a lot of people is addicted to this. I've always been right handed, so I was being being cocky with my guide, saying that I'm probably a regular surfer.. I can't even stand on the board.. shame! But when I tried goofy, that's when my guide concluded that I'm goofy.

How did I do for starters? Not bad, but if I compare myself to my friends.. I'm way behind, there's only a handful of first timers like me that day. A little more practice would do me good.

My friend Chuchi! Who could tell that this girl is a team manager in our office. It's just her 2nd time to try surfing, but here she looks like a pro.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bohol | Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave
A Photo Journey

This trip was done February 2011
Was planned, it's not even a back packing trip. Bohol is all worth it anyway,
For a province steep in Tourism, a place of natural wonder.

Having said that, Hinagdanan cave was a surprising natural wonder.
Unlike any other caves, this was just a cavern,
Naturally carved out of underground limestone rock. 
In due time, it obtained a small opening from above..
Its not near any mountains, just on solid ground.
From the opening, people made cemented stairs (hagdanan)
Hence the name Hinagdanan (ladden with stairs)

Inside is beguiling with reflective pool that mimic the rising ocean tides.
cool waters really, nice to swim with..
I'm just skirmish in swimming with water mixed with bat urine..
Oh yes, the cave is filled with bats.

Bohol | Dauis Church

BOHOL | Dauis Church
A Photo Journey

Dauis Church under going restoration efforts in its front facade.
This is part of our day 2 on the last part of touring Bohol. I was tired and hungry by this time. I went to Bohol, around February 2011, I'm not yet into taking landscape pictures especially churches, I'm still in that stage where you have a camera and you'd like to take as much picture of yourself as you can.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pilipinas, Tara Na! v.2

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

22nd Philippine Travel Mart | 2011 SM Mall Of Asia

Went to see the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart
held at SM Mall Of Asia SMX Convention Center

I went there on the last day, September 4, 2011
Just checking out what it can offer.
Cebu Pacific was jam packed.. I guess I'll stick with following seat sale announcements.

I went ahead to check and photograph the Pavilions of every provinces who participated. 
There's a few colorful ones, including that of my home province,
Region VI Western Visayas.

Before, this Travel Mart is held in SM Megamall
Usually at Mega Trade Hall..
As always, its a mess of booths and people talking in different languages..
This year though looks a bit more organized and much more successful.

Agusan Del Sur's Giant Crocodile Captured Alive

The first time I saw a live Crocodile was when I was in Puerto Princesa, Palawan having a tour of the Crocodile Farm. 

There I saw their breeder for Saltwater Crocodile.. 
A scary 17 foot living monster.
Apparently, Crocs live a very long time and they don't stop growing.
The Crocodile farm's biggest captive Croc is about 60 years,
almost as big as the one captured in the Swamps of Palawan years ago.

This recent capture in Agusan Marsh is very staggering
and could very well be the biggest saltwater crocodile in the world.
It could be from 90 to 100 years old.
As well, lets set things straight, 
only male crocodiles grow to monstrous proportions as compared to females.
Being it called saltwater Crocodile doesn't mean that it only lives in Salt Waters.
It just made them more dangerous as they could use the rivers as their highways in 
travelling to other territories.

With this recent capture, Agusan is making its way for my upcoming travel locations.
I bet, in a few years time this humble province will be in the maps of tourist.
If presented properly, this humdrum is a very good opportunity for tourism.
As for me, I want to go there just for the fact that Crocodiles fascinates me.