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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cagayan De Oro | A Walk In The Gateway Of Northern Mindanao

CAGAYAN DE ORO | The Gateway Of Northern Mindanao
A Walk At Rush Hour

Note: The pictures and events I'll post here was done a month prior to the Typhoon Sendong Disaster.

I like walking in Cities. Cagayan De Oro City is hardly the best city for this, but surprisingly a lot of people do walk here. As of my experience when I tried walking to their weekend night market in Plaza Divisoria, It was time to look at CDO in a different light. A city of bustling people, walking to and fro, traversing from either Taxis or Motorela or simply walking through a few blocks. Like in any other city, traffic goes heavy during rush hour.

This Tribute for the Slain Media men is one of the Monuments that I passed through.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Camiguin | Giant Clam Conservation

CAMIGUIN | Giant Clam Conservation
A Glimpse of the Endangered Marine Bivalves

A last stop for my Camiguin road trip, this proves to be like an amazing race tour. Trying to get to as many locations in Camiguin as we can for just a day. This place is run by volunteers and situated on a secluded section of Camiguin Island. As with the quick lecture with their guides, Giant Clams require pristine water conditions to survive and flourished. This small community is not just volunteers but advocates of environment preservation.

We were introduced to different species of Giant Clams that they keep in tanks for nursery. I got lots of questions, especially when I was told that Giant Clams also produce pearls, more so it would be nice to snorkel in their beaches where the real giant clams are being kept under constant monitoring.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Camiguin | The Road Through The Island via Habal Habal

CAMIGUIN | The Island via Habal Habal
My One Day Affair with Camiguin

November 5, 2011
Instead of spending an overnight trip in Camiguin, I opted for a whole day trip instead, so I could maximize itineraries in Northern Mindanao. One of the things I've sacrificed though is taking Sunset pictures at Camiguin Sunken Cemetery, the place looks mysterious and I know I could expect something better if I waited but time is not my friend today.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Camiguin | Old Church Ruins

CAMIGUIN | Church Ruins
Remains Of A Church Long Burried In Ash

Travel Bloggers call this Black Tourism, were you feature places and locations that had a violent or dark history behind it. Camiguin is not called the Island Born of The Fire for nothing, as the entire island itself is littered with many volcanoes both old a new ones. The Sunken Cemetery is just one evidence of the force of nature lurking beneath the island. What I witnessed here in the Old Church Ruins is what's left of the original foundation of a church, could have been a Cathedral in respect because its obvious that it was a huge edifice before a Volcanic eruption ruined it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camiguin | Sunken Cemetery

CAMIGUIN | Sunken Cemetery
A History of Geological Violence

Now this little place in here is a keeper. Famous for what it is called. A cemetery was buried underwater following the eruption of one of Camiguin's active Volcano. They can still be viewed by snorkeling, which I didn't do. The big cross is more like a landmark of the place, a nice piece considering that a lot of folks come here and take pictures, judging by its location, this place provide a spectacular view of the sunset if the time is perfect, unfortunately for me, I was here on a lunch time on a cloudy day. I took lunch by the restaurant here as recommended by our guide Kuya Jojo. We selected what we want to eat, and they'll prepare it while we ride a ferry to inspect the big cross as seen below.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ayala Triangle | Christmas Lights

Ayala Triangle Lights Display
A Christmas Pasyalan Series | Ayala Avenue

Ayala Triangle is notorious for the effort that they provide for a Christmas Pasyalan. This year is no exception, I've worked here for several years now, but this is the first time that I get to really experience it.. Maybe giving myself a break from work would do good.

Monday, November 28, 2011

SM MOA Bay Area | Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets At Manila Bay Area
A Pinoy Christmas Pasyalan Series | SM Mall Of Asia

Pinoys Flock to this place behind the SM Mall Of Asia, and for obvious reason.
That although It's not yet Christmas when these pictures were taken, this strip of family day haven is free for everyone or every family who wants to have a nice weekend or holiday family bonding.. Just sitting by the bay and watch over the sunsets does the trick. A sunset strip looking over Manila Bay.

This is part 1 of my Pinoy Christmas Pasyalan Series.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Camiguin | White Island

CAMIGUIN | White Island
A Sandbar Haven Facing The Island Born Of Fire

Lucky for me, I got my chance to frolic in Camiguin's white Island on a good weather. It's was too hot, this stretch of white island sandbar is expose to elements especially the sun, and even though we only stayed here for at least an hour, I was sun baked when I got back to the main land and had the extra salt rinsed off my skin.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Camiguin | Mt Hibok Hibok Hot Spring

CAMIGUIN | Mount Hibok Hibok Ardent Hot Spring
A Jump Off Site For Mountaineers And A Family Hot Tub.

Camiguin is a beautiful volcanic island province, much of its natural history is centered in violence of these natural wonders, and this island is a home to one of Philippines Stratovolcano and Dome Complex, the constantly monitored Mount Hibok Hibok.

Prior to this, I've only heard of Mount Hibok Hibok from Mountainers, although this is not the highest peak on the island, this volcano is famous because it is the most active though for now, it lays silent and the only signs of the presence of a deadly volcano for today are the hot springs, Ardent is just one of the six Hot Springs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Misamis Oriental | Balingoan Port

Silent Watch Port In A Cold Morning

Due to unforeseen circumstance in CDO, our itinerary for the day before was not followed. So my travel buddy and I thought that what if we could tour the entire Camiguin island in a day? then probably we can go back to CDO and take a trip to Iligan the next day. It's an option but one that we need to act fast. So we did.

Around 2AM, we left CDO via bus that would take us to Balingoan Port, Misamis Oriental via 2 hour bus drive from CDO. This is how I spent the first hours of my 27th Birthday, holed up in a cold bus on a pitch black highway.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Camiguin | Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls
Camiguin's Cold Shower

Exploring Camiguin Island in a day, is one of the most exciting part of my Northern Mindanao Series. I originally planned to stay overnight in here, after all it's November 5, 2011, it would be a nice place to spend my birthday. After meeting Kuya Jojo in Benoni Port of Camiguin, we took an early breakfast meal and was immediately brought to our first itinerary for the day.

Taking stock of the Katibawasan Falls, in my home language, Tibawas means passing through an ordeal or surviving something, but I don't really understand what they mean when they named this falls Katibawasan, something I forgot to ask Kuya Jojo about.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cagayan De Oro | City of Golden Friendship

Cagayan De Oro
City of Golden Friendship

November 3 - 7, 2011
My first time in Mindanao. I don't really understand why the welcoming phrase for this place is "City of Golden Friendship." So I thought its about hospitality and the people that live here. I can hardly say that it applies for the Cagayanon's, they have a charm that's far more alluring than being hospitable.

Bukidnon | Del Monte Clubhouse

Del Monte Clubhouse
Munching On Steak for Lunch

On the way to Dahilayan Zip Zone in Bukidnon, we passed by the Del Monte farm.
It's a vast area of fruit farm, after the trip, we were suppose to have lunch at The Pinutos, one of the restaurants along the way.. Pinutos in visayan language is roughly the translation of Binalot in Tagalog.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bukidnon | The Dahilayan Zip Zone

Dahilayan Zip Zone
Longest Zip Line Adventure in Asia

November 4, 2011
A trip to Cagayan De Oro City is not complete without a visit to the Dahilayan Adventure Park.
Although it is located in Bukidnon, a neighboring province of Cagayan, it's just a 2 hour drive going up through provincial boundaries and scenic mountainous areas.
This Picture was shot while I'm inside the van passing through Bukidnon countryside. The combination of looming clouds, rolling hills and imposing mountains is simply breathtaking.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sagada | Cave Spelunking

Spelunking In Sumaging Cave
Of Magnificent Caves And Timeless Rock Formations

Note: This is a repost
May 2011

Cave Spelunking was our first tour itinerary in Sagada.
With Caves, Hanging Coffins and even cave coffins, these are the things that make Sagada famous.
A visit to Sagada is not enough without a visit to them.
Photography is a challenge in caves unless you know how adjust your DSLR to low lights
without getting blurred pictures since a tripod is out of the question.

I could say that this trip was an achievement for me and my travel buddy "The Pinoy Travel Freak"
We both our amateur photographers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naga | Wakeboarding @ CWC

Camarines Sur Watersports Complex
The Wake Boarder's Kind Of Fun

August 21, 2011, a Sunday
Note: This is a repost

Side Trip after the Caramoan Adventure
2 hour Van Drive from Quijalo or Sabang Port
CWC is inside their Capitol Complex.. 
Don't really know what they call the area but its in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NLEX | Mega Station

Mega Station
Driving at Sunset via NLEX Southbound

September 18, 2011
For starters, our stopping here was more of a little snack, yosi break and pee break,
but the weather is perfect and its magic hour..
I can't help but shoot a few frames.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tara Na't Magbukalbol

Bulakbol Entry

Mukha sa araw ay pag takpan,
katawan man ay mabilad sa ma araw na dalampasigan.

Sumali ka at mag bulakbol.. CLICK HERE!!!

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sagada | The Road Through The Highest Highways

On The Road To Sagada

The long drive from Baguio and spelunking adventure. May 2011
Sagada is my 8th destination for this year, easily one of the best.
I don't find the place romantic as what others would say about it.
But picturesque? super!
There's lot's of things you need to consider before visiting Sagada.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sagada | Trekking Aguid Rice Terraces and Bomod-ok Falls

Amazing Nature Trekk Adventure

(This is a re-post)
This is Day 2. The best way to describe a Sagada Adventure is with a pictures.
So this one will be full of it. 
Before we did the nature trekking at Aguid Rice Terraces..
I had to stuff myself. An enjoyable ordeal really :)
Here's me waiting for my order at Salt and Pepper Restaurant.
I tell you, I get Emo when left hungry for long.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Makati Nightscape | Burgundy Corporate Tower Helipad

Makati Nightscape
From A Towers Perspective

This was mostly a photography adventure.
A notice was sent to Sykes Photo Club members in the office,
for a photo op with Synergy along with Sykes Photo Club.
Of all places, they want BCT Helipad.

I've been wanting to visit BCT Helipad since I started to work with Sykes.
It's a perfect location to get a sweeping view of Ayala Ave with it's Towers..
I've also known a few Photographers who was brave enough to have taken the initiative.

For one thing, this place is off limits to visitors.
Although I'm a Sykes Employee, I'm assigned to a different location.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Fort | A Night Stroll Haven

A Stroll In The Fort

Every working day, aboard The Fort Bus that would take me from 
Market Market Taguig, to Ayala Ave Makati, I get to pass by this wonderful location.

The Fort is a really nice place for a night stroll.
One Sunday afternoon after watching a movie in Glorietta Makati,
I decided to take a photo walk on this night haven alone.
I've longed to take a picture of a landmark near St Lukes Medical Center, Taguig.

It was a relaxing experience, even though I was just by myself.
The place feels safe, I didn't regret taking this option for relaxation,
as I would normally just go to a spa for a massage.

Here's some of the photos I brought home with me.

Serendra at night

Friday, September 30, 2011

Zambales Weekend Getaway

Zambales, A Weekend Respite

Specifically, San Felipe has become a weekend respite for me for the last 3 years.
Much like Puerto Galera, when friends decide to leave the big city for a weekend to frolic in the Sun.
I guess people would relate to this if you work in Metro Manila where things can be cluttered.

I took this picture early in the morning before sunrise on the unfinished marina by the beach.
It had been raining hard the day before so I wasn't expecting a good sunrise.
I was just inspecting the Marina and the colorful graffiti,
when the sunlight poked through the crevices, it was a startling contrast with the drawings.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales | Surfing Newbie Adventure

ZAMBALES | Surfing Zambales

It's surfing season.. Before it doesn't mean much to me but it does now that I've tried it. Did I tell before that I am such a water whore.. I'm always at home with water. Reason why most places that I like to go with must have  or least a chance for me to swim or snorkel. I can't count the many times I almost drowned as a kid, because I kept on trying to learn to swim on my own.. Not in a swimming pool mind you, but on a fresh water river in my Mom's hometown, Mambusao Capiz.

Liw-Liwa is a sitio in San Felipe, Zambales. San Felipe was practically a coastline I've been coming here for the last 3 years.. Every time I want to enjoy a weekend by the beach I have a friend who's got a beach house here.. In all my time, I never knew that the place was good for surfing. Well, It was probably off season when I went here the last time which was April 2011.

Trying to surf as a newbie was challenging for me. My body doesn't have that balanced symmetry.. I made up for it for stamina though.

It's really fun, It's no wonder why a lot of people is addicted to this. I've always been right handed, so I was being being cocky with my guide, saying that I'm probably a regular surfer.. I can't even stand on the board.. shame! But when I tried goofy, that's when my guide concluded that I'm goofy.

How did I do for starters? Not bad, but if I compare myself to my friends.. I'm way behind, there's only a handful of first timers like me that day. A little more practice would do me good.

My friend Chuchi! Who could tell that this girl is a team manager in our office. It's just her 2nd time to try surfing, but here she looks like a pro.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bohol | Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave
A Photo Journey

This trip was done February 2011
Was planned, it's not even a back packing trip. Bohol is all worth it anyway,
For a province steep in Tourism, a place of natural wonder.

Having said that, Hinagdanan cave was a surprising natural wonder.
Unlike any other caves, this was just a cavern,
Naturally carved out of underground limestone rock. 
In due time, it obtained a small opening from above..
Its not near any mountains, just on solid ground.
From the opening, people made cemented stairs (hagdanan)
Hence the name Hinagdanan (ladden with stairs)

Inside is beguiling with reflective pool that mimic the rising ocean tides.
cool waters really, nice to swim with..
I'm just skirmish in swimming with water mixed with bat urine..
Oh yes, the cave is filled with bats.

Bohol | Dauis Church

BOHOL | Dauis Church
A Photo Journey

Dauis Church under going restoration efforts in its front facade.
This is part of our day 2 on the last part of touring Bohol. I was tired and hungry by this time. I went to Bohol, around February 2011, I'm not yet into taking landscape pictures especially churches, I'm still in that stage where you have a camera and you'd like to take as much picture of yourself as you can.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pilipinas, Tara Na! v.2

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

22nd Philippine Travel Mart | 2011 SM Mall Of Asia

Went to see the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart
held at SM Mall Of Asia SMX Convention Center

I went there on the last day, September 4, 2011
Just checking out what it can offer.
Cebu Pacific was jam packed.. I guess I'll stick with following seat sale announcements.

I went ahead to check and photograph the Pavilions of every provinces who participated. 
There's a few colorful ones, including that of my home province,
Region VI Western Visayas.

Before, this Travel Mart is held in SM Megamall
Usually at Mega Trade Hall..
As always, its a mess of booths and people talking in different languages..
This year though looks a bit more organized and much more successful.

Agusan Del Sur's Giant Crocodile Captured Alive

The first time I saw a live Crocodile was when I was in Puerto Princesa, Palawan having a tour of the Crocodile Farm. 

There I saw their breeder for Saltwater Crocodile.. 
A scary 17 foot living monster.
Apparently, Crocs live a very long time and they don't stop growing.
The Crocodile farm's biggest captive Croc is about 60 years,
almost as big as the one captured in the Swamps of Palawan years ago.

This recent capture in Agusan Marsh is very staggering
and could very well be the biggest saltwater crocodile in the world.
It could be from 90 to 100 years old.
As well, lets set things straight, 
only male crocodiles grow to monstrous proportions as compared to females.
Being it called saltwater Crocodile doesn't mean that it only lives in Salt Waters.
It just made them more dangerous as they could use the rivers as their highways in 
travelling to other territories.

With this recent capture, Agusan is making its way for my upcoming travel locations.
I bet, in a few years time this humble province will be in the maps of tourist.
If presented properly, this humdrum is a very good opportunity for tourism.
As for me, I want to go there just for the fact that Crocodiles fascinates me. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV | Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas

"PILIIN MO ANG PILIPINAS" is the official theme song of Choose Philippines.
Produced by: Creative Communications Mangement; VP/Lyricist: Robert Labayen; Creative Acct. Head: Christina Barbin; EPs: Cidge Laxamana/ Carla Payongngayong; Directors: Paolo Ramos/ Peewee Gonzales; DOP: Jaime Proca, Ding Mendoza.
Facebook: ChoosePhilippinesOfficial; Twitter: choosephils

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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Note: I don't own any copyright for this video
I have no intention of any copyright infringement.
But being an avid traveler for my own country,
this video is very encouraging and well done.
Great Job Choose Philippnes!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pilipinas, Tara Na! Byahe Tayo!

A campaign to support Philippine Tourism

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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Pala-lagaw reserves the right for any watermarked pictures posted
No pictures should be downloaded or copied without permission from the blogger.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bohol | Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River Cruise
A Photo Journey

5th Stop - after The Hanging Bridge is lunch time at Loboc River Cruise.
Now this is a nice experience, and I like it that this was included in the package.
Personally I expected this to be romantic.\
Naahhh!! It wasn't, first off. 

This is a lunch cruise, meaning that you take your lunch while on the cruise.
It would've been if we weren't sharing our table with other loud travelers.\
I also thought more of the bands and singers in Bohol because they're famous for it..
I'm quite bored with them.

I like these Rondalla guys..
They were on queue and quite enter 

Bohol | Biggest Python

After the Tarsier Encounter

Bohol's Biggest Python
A Photo Journey

I can't help but ask why this is included in the tour package.
The animals are obviously exotic pets of someone.

An animal in a cage is a sad picture.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puerto Princesa | City In A Forest

Puerto Princesa City Tour

July 4, 2011
I concluded a Palawan trip and spent most of my time in El Nido
Puerto Princesa was on the last 2 days and I enjoyed it immensely.
It is such a small city, without even a mall with cinemas but it has a lot to offer.

Well, I wouldn't want to grapple a real live crocodile.
But I think this is how you do it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

El Nido | One With Nature

El Nido, Palawan
Island Hopping Adventure
Entering Big Lagoon.
Kunwari swimming nako, topless pic  :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

El Nido and Puerto Princesa, Palawan | Raw Beauty

Palawan, A Raw Beauty
To Enjoy Palawan Is To be One With Nature

June 30 - July 4, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bohol | Bee Farm

The Bohol Bee Farm

This is part of our day 2 Tour in Bohol..
A pleasant place to be in.
Here is where I had lunch, and had first tasted edible flowers.
Well I don't really eat plants so I skipped that part.

Weaving, and done with native materials.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bohol | Blood Compact

Last Stop for Day 1 Tour

Blood Compact
A Photo Journey

Not much here but a shrine for something that was done hundreds of years ago.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bohol | Baclayon Church

Church of the Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion
Baclayon Church, A Photo Journey

Baclayon Church

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bohol | Tarsier Encounter

After lunch stop from Loboc River Cruise

Tarsier Encounter
A Photo Journey

Let's do the Tarsiernap

First time I've seen a Tarsier up close.
I immediately fell in love with them.
As much as I love how cuddly they are and how fragile.
I feel sad with this particular stop.

As is, when I visited this Tarsier Sanctuary
There're a lot of Asian Tourist Inside (I think they were Koreans)
As is with them, they made a lot of annoying noise.
They also try to poke the Tarsier's with a Cue Stick with food on it.

I feel for the creatures, as I know
Like me they're nocturnal. Char!

So they must be grumpy not being able to properly sleep when they have to.
If it were me, I would've wanted to see a Tarsier in the Wild.

Droopy Eyes, sleepy and clinging with his life on an ornamental plant.

Bohol | Loboc Hanging Bridge

Day 1 continuation...

Now I expected something that looks fragile that I'd be scared to pass through with it.
This is not it. It's made of Bamboo, yes but its enforced with steel rods.
It doesn't sway much as well.

4rd Stop - After the Man-Made Forest

Loboc Hanging Bridge

Just me trying to have fun. Dunno why I got tricked into passing this bridge.

Bohol | Man Made Forest

3rd Stop Day 1- from The Butterfly Conservation Center

Man-Made Forest

Man Made Forest.

Bohol | Butterfly Conservation Center

2nd stop - Along the way from Chocolate hills is

The Butterfly Conservation Center

There were only a few active butterfly because of the rain.
The light is not that good either, I just enjoyed much of what I can gather.

Here's a mutant butterfly, either a male or female.
I didn't really pay attention because the tour guide made it sound that these are gay butterflies.
As if the reference is funny I should LOL.
What an Idiot.

Preserve butterflies, here's how to determine the male or the female.

Oh yeah! This is the guides idea.
This is a deception. This butterflies all look giants.
They probably think that the guest are all far sighted.

Yeah that's right! It's a walk in the park which practically just a small garden.
This is where they differ Moths (Mariposa) to local butterflies.

This looks nice.
Outside, is probably one of the most photograph place with travelers.
Now Honestly, I've seen many butterfly gardens or whatever they name them.
My Alma Mater CPU has the biggest I've seen so far, and it's in Iloilo.
They do Mass Productions of Butterflies for export,
as you may know, these helpless creatures are used instead of doves in weddings.

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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