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Culion | A Church Perched On A Hilltop

CULION | Immaculate Concepcion Church
An Idyllic Church Perched On A Hilltop

 Culion is a scenic silent town that is rich in history, the place itself being part of the Calamianes Group Of Islands in MIMAROPA Region. I was in my day 1 trip to Coron, as expected of any Palawan Trips, I was in for a water fun adventure. Our quick trip to Culion was more of a quick visit before we drop to Banana and Malcapuya Islands, though I was aware of the history of this place, I was brought to a history ride by visiting this humble town that has been famous the world over. After a film showing of Culion's history in the Museum of Archives we went about the town, one of the first edifice that caught my attention is their Church of Immaculate Concepcion.

The church itself was the edifice that we saw from afar when we approach the island in an outrigger boat. Aside from taking a tour of the museum and immersing in the towns history, I was looking forward to visiting the church as it stood proudly on its foundation.


The interior looks nice as it is flooded with natural light filtered through ceiling windows, muted colors, stained glass door arches, that although it was a hot mid day, inside the church is relatively cool. It was also nice that it is open for visitors though there was no ongoing mass.

It was a Friday, we were greeted with curious look from townsfolk and a few students, not to be surprise off, as it seems we were one of the few tourist from Coron who opted to visit the town of Culion when most went into Coron Loop tour. The town is slowly embracing tourism.

Behind the church is actually an old parola along Culion's coastline. From a higher perspective of the church hill top, the coast looks like a full colored post card, ladden with rich green, yellow and blue colors, lush natural foliage of trees and trails and leading to the port below. I could practically sit all day from this watch point and feel the sunshine on my skin without a care to the world.

What is Culion about? Read On >>>
Visiting Culion
A History Of People Fighting For Survival
I was anxious when I first wrote my article about Culion and its history, as is, although in this modern time, there is already a cure for the biblical leprosy, the stigma to this town being that it was once a leper colony lives on. I was glad though that I did the effort, because few days after it, I was approach by one of my office mates who was told by her parents never to visit Culion in her lifetime. Evidently she learned something different from what I wrote, and as I describe to her the efforts of people who dedicated their lives to finding a cure for this disease, and the resiliency of human spirit to battle not only the disease but the feeling of being unwanted. The plight of a leper is to be shunned by people even when they mean the world no harm. I hope that by these little effort, I can put on a beam of light to this curious town of Culion and help it grow like any other places in Palawan, a place worthy of being part of the final frontier that it deserves.

"The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted"
- Mother Teresa

I used this quote the last time, thus I make reference to it again as it very much aptly describe what our world does, even on this information age.

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  1. wow! nakaka-nostalgic na naman ang entry mo. I also opted to visit this historical place nung first time ko sa Coron. At least we get to enjoy the moment ng walang masyadong turista right?

    super tahimik nga sa lugar na yan nung pumunta kami. Linggo kasi nun pero nakakapagtakang wala silang misa. Ewan, baka hindi ko lang na-timingan. hihihi! Binagyo nga kami papunta dun e. Buti kayo hindi.

  2. I really really love your photos Francis!!!!! At first I thought it was an out of the country location. I was so surprised to read that it was a church in Coron, Palawan! One word: AMAZING!

  3. I'm already missing Culion and Coron too! I remember how nice the ceiling of the church is. Tapos the view on top from that fort is breathtaking. :)

  4. LOve your shots francis and this is one of my dreams to vist e... nakakainis lng talaga ung work sched ko kaya di kami makaalis.

    btw: new follower here hope you follow mine too

  5. The church looks magnificent! It's great to see other beautiful spots in Palawan aside from the beaches.

  6. I recently read about Culion from one of the bloggers. I too, have been in Coron. If I only knew about Culion and its interesting sites, I would've traveled the same route too.

  7. Looks like I'll do a side trip to Culion when we finally visit Coron. Your photos of the church are enough to convince me :)

  8. I've heard so many beautiful things about Culion. Too bad the town is still shunned by most of the society because of its history. Kahit na meron ng gamot sa leprosy.

  9. I am amaze with the church--- beautiful shots by the way--

  10. I heard it was difficult to go they have RORO or something. I would love to visit. BTW, Leprosy is curable and it's bacteria is in the same family as that of Tuberculosis.

  11. wow I would love to visit this place too and I won't have second thoughts. Sad to know about the history of misery behind this beautiful place. Hopefully somehow the beauty and serenity of the place helped them in their daily struggle. Nice pictures by the way.

  12. God, I love the church, especially the ceiling! And the fact that it makes use of natural light so ingeniously.

  13. I have never been to this place but the church looks amazing.

  14. Wow!!! Ganda naman ng Church...
    Hope ma visit korin siya someday..:)

  15. I agree, the color combination of the church is appealing to the eyes. lucky for you having visited such majestic and historical place. nice shots. Yahweh bless.

  16. The pictures were crisp like its colors. Its pleasing for the eyes to see. ^_^

  17. wow another nice post on Culion! i am bookmarking posts on Coron/Busuanga for my planned trip and this is a very nice addition. thanks Francis!

  18. Never heard that place.
    The church is well-maintained though.
    We have several churches in our country
    and I hope all of these will be properly
    preserved like this.

  19. awesome shots! na-miss ko 'to when I was in Coron... sana makabalik...

  20. Thanks Pinoy Adventurista!
    I tink you will enjoy just walking around in this town


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