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TRAVEL PHOTO | My 7 Super Shots

I got myself tagged and I didn't see it coming. I've come across a number of post from travel bloggers posting 7 of their super shots, as it is with travel niches, photography comes at hand. No wonder that their selection of photos are breathtaking and incomparable. 

I got my surprise few days ago when a fellow travel blogger and inspired photographer 
Elal of The Shades Of Grey ask if she could tag me. It's been months since I met her while taking photos of the Pyromusical Event, and now she's passed on the ball. I remember sitting beside the cutest and prettiest girl in the balcony of SM MOA, next thing I know she was asking for the best setting to shoot the fireworks (I honestly dunno it as well). Since then, I've become a silent follower of her page, enjoying her photography which in many ways reflects the blogger behind it.

Scrounging from my almost 15 thousands photos, probably more, stored in my external hard drive, crossing my fingers, hoping that my selection would be good enough for the challenge.
So here it is, 

My 7 Super Shots

Takes My Breath Away
Cadlao Island, El Nido
El Nido is the one that has the most scenic sunset I've ever experience.
Makes you wanna sit on the beach and enjoy cold beers as the late afternoon turns dark in every second.

Makes Me Smile
Puerto Galera White Beach
Probably one of the most blogged locations, because its an easy weekend getaway from Metro Manila.
This boy made me smile as he walked along the beach holding on to his shorts that's falling down.
Perfect beach for people watching and beach party.

Makes Me Dream
Kiltepan Viewpoint, Sagada in Mountain Province.
This site is probably the best location for Sunrise viewing,
It's heavenly and dreamy, with the abundant pine trees making a very calming contrast with the fog that envelopes it. Here is where you overlooked a valley hidden in the fog and the Sun shines it's ray above the visible cloud. Feels like standing in the threshold of heaven.

Makes Me Think
Baywalk, Manila Bay
This was shot at the back of SM Mall of Asia on one of Sykes Photo Club's, Photowalk Session.
A grey cast morning is not all that grey for a photographer, in fact it can have a full turn and make your subjects more interesting, especially people.
Here is where I looked into the innocent and inquisitive eyes of a girl and a mother's protective shelter.

Makes My Mouth Water
The oh so Pinoy favorite Leche Flan.
Shot on one of the family events I covered,
The christening of Lucas in Max's, Glorietta Makati.
Too bad, I've lost the raw copies, I just have to make use of this one I posted online.
Having a sweet tooth, a sight of Leche Flan makes my mouth water.

Tells A Story
Puerto Galera White Beach, Oriental Mindoro
"Show me some fire"
This shot won first place in the last look photo essay I sent to Asian Traveler Magazine.
The fire dancers of Puerto Galera may not be as famous as that of Boracay,
but they're skillful and inspiring nonetheless.
I was like a child sitting in a bonfire, looking into the dancing flames.

I Am Most Proud Of (aka My Worthy Of National Geographic Shot)
 Nacpan Beach, EL Nido, Palawan
I went away from where most tourist go, and this is where my wandering feet brought me.
A secluded beach and scenic hills overlooking the azure waters of Palawan.
I stopped where the trails ended and found myself standing on top of the hills, covered by tall vegetation on my back, a step further and I'd come tumbling down the rocky coves of Nacpan.

Here I've shared the 7 err super shots that I've scrounged from my memory bank in the last 24 hours.
I could look for more, I don't feel like they're super shots yet, and I don't think I've come to that point in my quest for photography. But somehow, I feel relieved to have shared a part of my adventures.
Hoping that you could share yours.
Here is where I tag Photography and Travel Bloggers to share their 7 Super Shots.

Cris Reyes of Pinay Thrillseeker, Mai Flores of Budget Byahera, Joel Balance Catimbang of Travelling Balance, Matet Garcia-Reyes of Travelogues and AJ Poliquit of The Transcendental Tourist
to take part in the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots

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  1. I specially love the 2nd shot.:) Ang gaganda, point and shoot lang gamit ko pero I still would love to join and thanks for tagging me. Nakakapressure. :D

  2. Ang ganda ng description ko parang hindi ako :"> Thank you.
    Ang gaganda ng pics parang di naman napressure.Hehe :) Congrats! I super love the El Nido one, worthy indeed!

  3. Hu-wow! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! All these 7 shots are "super"!!!

    That award-winning shot deserves 1st place. The play of light is so dramatic, and the children's facial expressions are priceless.

    That dreamy Sagada shot is one of my faves ever. It does look like a dreamscape.

    And the first shot is responsible for oxygen deprivation. Breathtaking nga talaga.

    Now that I've seen all these shots, nanliit ako and I just don't deserve to call any of my own shots "super". Ibang leyvel ka, Senyor Lagawan.

  4. @ Pinay Thrillseeker - you will rock this for sure.. The link was actually ready when I asked you to be tagged. I took time with it. hahaha! no pressure! :)

    @ Elal Jane Lasola - Thanks for passing the ball really. I don't have much of acquaintances in PTB, and ur one of those select few that I met.

    @ AJ - I know you can. I know you've seen some of the few shots I've included in the list, I put photos that I think would look great! thanks for appreciating! Now I know you have great shots too, like Pinay Thrillseeker, you also use point and shoot.. But it can't be put down, I have one of that too, and great shots came from it so really it's not about the camera but who took the shot.
    With your writing AJ, you can make words make love to photos, your writing skills is just amazing.. I sometimes think that you ought to be my creative writing teacher, because you can bring something out of the box very unlike my teacher before who's more interested in technicalities. :)

  5. Amazing photos! Love all your El Nido shots! this makes me wanna visit El Nido More:)

  6. Promise, na-intimidate ako sa photos mo *as always* Parang wala ata akong worthy shots! hahahah! I love you last photo.. actually lahat!!!! :) Thanks for thinking of tagging me. :)

  7. @Kimmy - Thanks Much! feels good that my handwork is appreciated. :)

    @Barefoot Venus - I'm in love with El Nido, probably forever.. as long as the place keeps its beauty!

    @Mai Flores - Senxa naman! You can do it. One thing I learned from doing this is that, I've been keeping a lot of good photos, unappreciated in my hard drive. I have a now mission now to share them.

  8. Love, love, love the third and last photos...especially the third on. So poignant how the fog seems to be combing through the lush green trees.

  9. Wow, these photos are really really super! ;) I especially love your third and last photos. They're truly breathtaking. Anyway, wish I can travel to El Nido.. :) I'd love to try my hands on landscape, or rather, seascape photography too.. ^^

  10. I was tagged by Mai Flores too and after seeing your post, I am now pressured to check all my photos to find a worthy one. Great photos and you have set the bar so high.

  11. Franc!!! You will do great with your compilation, I'm sure of it..

    And as always, exquisite photos, Idol! :)

  12. haha. yung ganito ko, anong petsa na hindi ko pa nagagawa. LOL. beautiful photos. as always. :)
    el nido looks beautiful!

  13. i like the way you tagged and describe each and every photo, the second one made me smile too :)

    i love the sagada photo among the 7 :)

  14. Cool Francis, you just nailed 'em. It's pleasing to the eyes. Whatta great compilation I just love everything :)

  15. Wow! I love your shots. As in!

  16. those are really amazing and really great shots dear!! way to go! xx

  17. The fifth one makes me hungry. XD

  18. My "words make love to photos"? Wow, lavet! :) That's the most memorable compliment I've ever gotten. Salamat guid Senyor Lagawan.

    In your case, your photos don't need words. They are visual poetry.

  19. amazing shot!...esp the last pic....youre a pro!..thanks for tagging me.

  20. Natawa rin ako sa 2nd photo.. Na-curios ako sa Sagada.. Pinaka-favorite ko yun last pic, ang ganda! At hindi mo pa ineffort ang paghahanap ng pics ng lagay na yan ha? Galing!

  21. your El Nido shots make me wanna pack my bag and go there, now na! hehehe! Awesome compilation! :)

  22. ganda ng SAgada shot. nakakapanindig balahibo. \m/

  23. Your last photo is so beautiful. How about taking part is our photo essay?


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