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Islas de Gigantes | Gigantes Norte Lighthouse

ISLAS DE GIGANTES | North Gigantes Medium Lighthouse
Gigantes Group Of Islands In Photos Virtual Tour

A set of four stairs before coming out in the hatch at the top and see the sweeping panorama of the Visayan Sea and the hills of Gigante Norte Island. The stairs aren't much of a challenge but once you stand in the viewing deck and realize the height of the tower plus the rocky cliffs you'll know it is gut wrenching.

Here's the iron door of the tower, serving as entrance to the viewing deck. It is locked in place with screw-in locks.

As seen seen from the open viewing deck. The adjacent island in contrast to the high sun.

The actual lighthouse is a new iron structure donated by Japan, of medium size and like many new lighthouses today, it is solar powered, charging everyday and providing a guiding light to sailors at night. This was formerly a site for one of the 27 major Spanish lighthouses built by Spaniards. The old lighthouse was destroyed when Typhoon Frank hit hard on Western Visayas especially Panay a few years back. The old brick house beside the tower is a reminder of the heritage we lost, and with it the great historical value.

For the most part, the caretaker keeps the hatch open except the main door at the entrance as visitors come here at any time so the caretaker is kept busy logging the visitors and keeping the keys, also maintaining the cleanliness of the place. This looks to me like a good sight for a photo op, with the old brick house in the back drop and the small tended garden. The two edifice is a showcase of great amalgamation of old and new structure, against the modern and the dilapidated. The house is not vandalized, good to know that it is kept that way. 

It's not just the height of the tower, but the steep cliffs towards the rocky shores.

The site is not very far from the Gigantes Hideaway Resort in Brgy Asluman, you can hire a Habal-habal ride going through a paved one way road for the most part, with a short trail for walking about 5 minutes. The ride is Php 60.00 back and forth, and donations are requested by the Lighthouse caretaker. If one wants to climb the stairs and experience the awesome viewing deck the caretaker will have to open the tower and the hatch at the top.

In contrast to the new tower. This is the dilapidated brick house and the base of the old tower.

Here is my brother gazing at the tower while standing before the foundations of the Old Spanish Lighthouse, see that there is a circular indention in the floor.

We walk for about 5 minutes from where the paved road ended, past the community trail through thick bushes and covered in thick foliage. A small fork at the road towards the right leads to the brick house and the tower. Without a guide/habal-habal driver, we would have been lost.

On The Map

Isla de Gigantes group of islands comprises mainly of Gigante Norte and Gigante Sur as its major volcanic islands with scattering of islets around it. Located in the western part of the Visayan Sea and approximately 18 kilometers Northeast off the mainland of Panay. The islands belong to the political domain of Municipality of Carles, Iloilo Province.

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  1. Grabe parang ang sarap mag-ghost hunting sa dilapitated brick house na yun. It makes my want to sail to Isla De Gigantes right now! =)

  2. I am scared of heights but a wonderful such as that just might make me push my scared legs to walk up the lighthouse just to enjoy the lovely panorama :)

    1. Hi Joy,

      This lighthouse isnt scarry at all. The stairs are enclosed so you dont realise the height until you reach the top. Its a lovely scene up there, you dont wana miss it.

  3. Truth be told I've never seen a lighthouse before, and i didn't know we have it here in PH. Maybe i should start reading more about PH tourism. HAHA
    -____- And btw, are these photos raw or edited? And i wonder what do you use for editing?

  4. Hi Yamito,

    You aint serious about asking how I work my photos do you? Its like asking a magician to reveal the secret to their trade.

    We actually have a lot of lighthouses, especially in the visayas. Some have great historical value bcoz they were built by Spaniards.

  5. Been here last week; indeed a very nice place!

    1. Hi Missy!
      that place is really nice! wanna visit again soon! :)


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