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Food Trip | Starbucks @ Camp John Hay and Divine Sweet Delights

FOOD TRIP | Starbucks @ Camp John Hay and Divine Sweet Delights
Baguio Food Tour 2013

A cloudy afternoon cast in Baguio, we found a great place for downtime in Starbucks at Camp John Hay. This place brings back memories from my previous visits to Baguio because of the seemingly quite atmosphere that the sprawling golf course and the scattering of pines invoke.

We enjoyed our customized Chocolate Cake from Divine Sweet Delights

The Divine Sweet Delights is our sponsor caterer, a home based pastry shop in Baguio City, as proudly promoted by our Baguio Resident blogger, they have the best of Carrot Cup Cakes that are heavenly and indulgent, being true to their brand name Divine.

A box of Cup Cakes from Divine Sweet Delights is our pleasant surprise once everyone has gathered. It was a great match for our very own choice of Starbucks drinks.

We had our fair share of perfectly baked Carrot Walnut Cup Cake topped with Cream Cheese.

Another box is the Chocolate Cup Cake with Butter Cream Topping.

The Unguarded Moments

Going around Baguio in 2 groups as taxis would can accommodate. I was part of the first half to be in Starbucks at Camp John Hay while the 2nd Half are trying to hail a taxi from Mines View Park. A well deserved down time really, rain had finally fallen, it made the atmosphere eerily gloomy, and as we settled inside this nice Cottage that was Starbucks of Camp John Hay, it was comfortable, it was warm, the sound of the crowd talking, and of children making noises made us feel at home while rain can be seen pouring from the cottage windows.

Here I share some of my buddies unguarded moments in the middle of this Baguio Food Tour. It's nice to see the gentle facade of these bloggers when they are comfortable and had nothing else to do.

Meet some of the bloggers for the Baguio Food Tour 2013
Click on the links in their names to visit their very own websites.

We let Kirk enjoy his ME time fiddling with his phone beside the cottage window, with the light rain pouring over the Pines in Camp John Hay.

Feeling the weather, Gabz is also fiddling with his phone.

Here I am, I get sleepy when it rains.

Buddies on the cottage, Sinjin taking a nappy time while Glen is trying to bring his energy a notch down as he looks far beyond the window and the rainy landscape of Camp John Hay.

Kuya Rob deserved his downtime too, with a Starbucks drink.

Bloggers present; the names will link to their own domains. L-R Wilmer, Chisten, Sinjin, Glen, Ramil, Rob, Kirk, Edgar, Gabz, Mervin and myself on the far right. (Photo by:

This event was made possible with the support of Victory Liner who brought us vice versa from Manila to Baguio, even though it was slotted for a long weekend. Early bookings had made this trip less hassle and comfortable altogether.

Here is my Instagram share via @pinoytraveler last October 25, the terminal was jam packed, but we didnt have to join the melee of chance passengers. Advisable when traveling to Baguio, make reservations ahead of time.

Where To?

Starbucks at Camp John Hay
Cottage 661, Camp John Hay
Baguio City
Phone Number: (074) 446-4933

Divine Sweet Delights
184 Evangelista St.,
Baguio City
Phone Number:  0922 869 7088
Facebook Page: Divine Sweet Delights
Victory Liner
Phone Numbers, Terminals, Reservations, check their website.

Starbucks @ Camp John Hay, Divine Sweet Delights and Victory Liner are proud sponsors of the Baguio Food Tour 2013, supported by the Baguio's Department of Tourism and participated by 10 Food, Travel and Photography blogs all across the Philippines.

More of this tour by looking up #BaguioFoodTour2013 via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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  1. panalo ang look up look up ni! hahaha! thanks for the link love Francis! :)

  2. hahahha! kunyare ng e emote daw xa, eh ang energetic nya kaya. :)

  3. WOW! last time i've been to Baguio was 20 years ago. Waaahhh! i wish i could go there right now...

  4. How do you commute from burnham to evangelista st. without hailing taxis just jeepneys? Do jeepneys pass by that place?To divine sweet delights?

    1. Helo, you can contact the divine sweet delights 09228697088


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