Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pangasinan | Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

PANGASINAN | Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Photos Of Bolinao Lighthouse

A tower placed on a vantage point of Bolinao Pangasinan. Known to be the 2nd tallest lighthouse in the Philippines.

In a broad daylight, with few drifting clouds, stepping into the threshold of this abandoned lighthouse was hot. Without a camera filter, my photos would have been glaringly exposed.
Bolinao Lighthouse is a noted destination to visit for every visitor of this lovely coastal town.

A Photo from the open gates. A little hike up, the lighthouse stoods proud on top of a hill.

Standing few meters at the foot of this massive tower.
Being in a close proximity, it is difficult to make the tower fit in my frame.

The tower is no longer in operation, as is, that the building beside this lighthouse is abandoned and dilapidated as well. A nice contrast to frame this beautiful lighthouse.

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  1. I stayed in brgy Patar for a few days. No caretaker was around and the place indeed looks deserted. However, the illumination room of the tower still works at night so I think it's still in operation. Nice b/w shots though!


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