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Food Trip | Kabila

FOOD TRIP | Kabila of Ayala Museum Complex
Raintree Restaurants of Makati

Few meters outside Kabila is the Greenbelt Park with Manmade pools filled with a lot of Koi fish that are fun to watch.

With nowhere else to go and not being in the mood for mall time, I stayed behind in Mr. Jones until we are ready for the lunch in Kabila. From Greenbelt 5 we practically strolled to Greenbelt 4, on its northern corner where the Ayala Museum Complex is situated. Kabila which roughly means the other side is in the same location as Museum Cafe, you could say that Kabila is on the other side of Museum Café, ingenious play of Filipino words. Passing through the greeneries of Greenbelt Park and manmade fish ponds full of Koi Fish of varying colors and sizes, I found Kabila to be rightfully placed along Makati Avenue. With the towering Shangri-La Hotel on the other side and the Ayala Museum right beside Kabila where a lot of people are milling about, its no question that this is right smack in the middle of Ayala Center itself. A priced real estate, I didn't need to bother asking Ms Michele Magtoto of the price they had to pay for store rights, she can't disclose them anyway.

Warning: Lot's tempting Food Photos ahead.
Please proceed with empty stomach.

My Thoughts
Taking stock of the Kabila's interior, hanging in the ceilings are interesting art pieces. The glass provides a spacious ambiance with a glimpse of the bustle in Makati Avenue and the activity of people outside Ayala Museum. Surprisingly, the ambiance is decently relaxed; a Filipino Bistro that is for everyone who wants to have a great time, though obviously upscale this place is perfect for luncheons or if you are bringing in friends for some downtime before mall time.

About Kabila
The makers of Museum café bring you a new Filipino Bistro just right next door. Explore the Philippines through your palate with dishes from different parts of the archipelago. The menu harmoniously puts together local favorites that are good for pairing and sharing - just how Filipino families like it. Expect nothing less than a selection that is straightforward, locally sourced and outright Filipino.

My Drink of Four Seasons, I find it too tangy.

The Dish

Ensaladang Kabila - An immediate favorite merely for appetizers. The wide array of flavors is such a delight. The salsa on top capped this.

Fresh Lumpia sa Kabila - I didn't the wrapping on this one, but the stuffing inside is actually good.

Seafood Guava Sinigang - All time Filipino favorite Sinigang.

Kabila's Pork Bagnet - At first I thought that this one is Lechon Kawali, it tasted like one without the accompanying spice.

Grilled Ginadara - Well done Kabila for this one. Perfectly grilled Ginadara Fish, tender meat and very tasty.

Barbeque Chicken Inasal

Buko Pandan

Leche Flan Turon - I was before this was served, you got to love the hot leche flan inside even without the Chocnut Sauce.

The Verdict?
Meeting the excited Chef Alvin, he was anxious regarding our feedback for the food they served. Thankfully everyone seems to be very happy about it with their own favorites. The Grilled Ginadara Fish was superb and the Ensaladang Kabila was my favorite. Used to eating chicken barbeque, I skipped the Barbeque Chicken Inasal. The Leche Flan Turon fared well, and its Chocnut Sauce is a welcome touch though I'd rather take the Turon even without the Chocolatey Sauce itself. After wolfing down the meal, I just have no space for the Buko Pandan, too bad as it looks delightful.

The Bloggers with Chef Alvin and Michele Magtoto of raintree Restaurants.

On The Map

Location: Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Ave. Makati City
Contact Number: (02) 757 3000

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  1. I want to eat everything on those pics,lol. Chocnut sauce?wow, very creative!
    JeniG of Kalikotpepot

  2. You know what, your food shots are just so awesome! It almost looked like photos from a food magazine that can make me go hungry for minutes!

    But the Bagnet at first glance looked like a Lechon Kawali though. It had to be thin slices of pork meat but nonetheless, you had a great time munching! :D

    1. IKR Jonas! hahhaha!
      Its soo sinful as wellwith the oil.
      Thanks for the comment..
      I still dont know much about food blogging, so while I'm learning, I make an effort for food photography.

  3. Great photos dude, good composition, lighting, depth of field and food arrangement. I liked how the smoke was captured by the barbecue.

  4. Kakaiba yung buko panda served sa coconut na old na . The inasal wow lng ..mkpunta nga dyan

  5. I've tried M Cafe. Kabila has a totally different setting with more of a Filipino flair. I'll try to have my lunch here one of these weekends.

  6. Wow! Your photos left me salivating hahaha. I love to try their Fresh Lumpia, four seasons, leche flan turon na may chocnut. Indeed great Pinoy foods but how affordable are the prices?

    1. I didnt provide the amount, but should be understood..
      this is an upscale Filipino Bistro right in Ayala Center


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