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Quezon | Retreat At Bangkong Kahoy Valley

QUEZON | Retreat At Bangkong Kahoy Valley
In Photos

Nestled between two mystical mountains Holy Mt Banahaw and The Devil’s Mt Cristobal which are said to have opposing energies like yin yang, this place is referred to as Bangkong Kahoy (Wooden Bench) Valley in Dolores Quezon. 

Found a spot for my small tent, it has been sunny all morning but we were expecting rain anytime.

The landscape view from my tent in the morning after a cold rainy night has passed.

Reunited with Hiking Buddies Grace in the middle and Jelly on the Right side.

Its the countryside; not to forget that the place is also a farm with this small chapel.

The slope of Mt Banahaw in the background and this vegetable patch.

BK Mountain Lodge is a place for nature retreat in Quezon Province with views of Mt Banahaw and Mt Cristobal in the landscape. A mountain lodge resort that can provide camping grounds for visitors to pitch tents and basic amenities to allow activities with a large group. This place is also a bird sanctuary and is a venue for bird watchers and photographers, a protected area and field study center. Hence this became a perfect venue for Sykes Outdoor’s Basic Mountaineering Course for their current and active members. 

We were escorted to this place in Brgy Kinabuhayan, Dolores Quezon via Van from Metro Manila for about 2 hour drive and to be honest I have no idea about the way to get here by driving or commuting. Perhaps for the better because this was a retreat for most of us who participated in this activity, we were expecting to have a refresher for our outdoor skills and enjoy river trekking as a side trip. I didn’t get the chance to have a tour of the place, it would have been very interesting but as it is our itinerary is full for the overnight stay. You could say I had a cold night inside the tent but the experience had been very pleasant just by being with friends that have similar interest.   

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Basic Mountaineering Course for Sykes Outdoor
Photo Gallery

The 2nd Day of the course; to completely integrate new members into the group, we did this same fun activity we did yesterday where we quickly introduce ourselves to everyone. 

Sitting on the grass and listening to words of wisdom from our renowned lecturer. Name is requested not to be shared.

Our day 1 is mostly preparing and indoor lectures where we are reminded of cultural sensitivity and how to behave in places that we are not familiar with.

Knot tying and roping, things that we take for mostly take for granted. In here is for the commonly used and for survival practices.

Huddled together after a short rain. The lecture must go on.

River Trekking In Photos

Caving at the foot of Mt Banahaw before River Trekking

Raining while River Trekking

Cold Freshwater, not so clear due to the rain but it didn't stop us from taking a dip and enjoy the little time we had.

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