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El Nido | One With Nature

El Nido, Palawan
Island Hopping Adventure
Entering Big Lagoon.
Kunwari swimming nako, topless pic  :)

Tour A Island Hopping El Nido
Simisu Island Rock Formations
Tour A: Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simisu Island, Entalula Island and the Seven Commando Beach
The highlights of the Tour A Package are the Lagoons, 
especially the small lagoon where we had to kayak our way in. 
A very nice experience, considering that you can't expect what to see inside. 
Without kayak, you have to swim or snorkel your way in, can be very tricky, 
but I did swim inside as the waters are calm. 
Lunch at Simisu island was the best, the island itself is 
a good site for snorkeling and it has a very diverse colorful fishes, 
I love the fish feeding activity after our lunch. 
Seven commando beach was the last stop, a beautiful stretch of white sand beaches, 
very picturesque, here we bought Buko and enjoyed sipping fresh juice from it.

Tour A El Nido Island Hopping was included in our travel package
We were joined by a big family travelling from Nueva Ecija,
There are 19 of them including toddlers.
It was fun to watch them enjoy the Islands,
we were on a big boat on a rainy day
So didn't have to worry about Sun Burns.

Big Lagoon
The Big Lagoon is famous but there nothing to do here but sight seeing.
The entrance to the Big Lagoon is stunning even on a cloudy day.
We just drove inside,
the boatman expertly avoiding the 2 big rocks along the way.
Once inside, I had the desire to jump off and swim but its not allowed here.
I'll get my chance somewhere.
We just circled the entire width of the Lagoon slowly,
enjoying the limestone rock formations and
the tree branches hanging just above the tide.
On the way in. 
People are scrambling to take pictures 
but being careful not to get their cameras drench in the rain.
The way in and out.
It looks like a river going out to see but its not.
Small Lagoon
This is taken inside the Small Lagoon.
Not much picture taken here as we are aboard a kayak.
My camera might fall over, 

makes me feel bad I don't have an underwater camera.
Simisu Island
Simisu Island is where we had lunch.
Already, a lot of tourist on Tour A is lodged here awaiting the food.
Simisu Island
This is where we had lunch buffet on a Tour A package..
As the food is being prepared by the crew once we landed on the beach..
The guest could enjoy Kayaking and the beach while waiting.
We rented this Kayak for Php 600
For the entire day.
We rented the Kayak.. 
A good deal considering that it allowed me to explore
not just the beach but the surrounding terrain and island coves.

Fish Feeding (Simisu Island)
Getting ready for fish feeding.
We're in a part at least 20 ft, few meters from Simisu.
There are lots of fish here, we fed them with our food leftovers.
Nothing wasted.
Just like the fishes.
I'm in a frenzy, a lot of fish around me. 
Entalula Island
I saw some clown fish and anemones here.
Very good fish diversity and a stretch of fine white sand beach.
Seven Commando Beach
Approaching the seven Commando Beach.
There were many International tourist 
basking in the afternoon sun.
Nice afternoon considering that it had been raining

 on and off the entire morning.
Tour C: Hidden Beach, Tapiutan Island, Secret Beach, Matinloc Island and the Helicopter Island
The hidden beach was a perfect place.
The entrance was obscure and unexpected,
so it was surprising to see a small stretch of white sand beach inside..
Though it was raining and on high tide,
it was easy to see that this is a rich place.
Plenty of different fishes and very for snorkeling.
The secret beach was a very well liked highlight for the
Tour C considering that the entrance was very dangerous due to big waves crashing on it.
Jump shot pic at Helicopter Island.
A real beauty to behold.
Hidden Beach
Along the way on our first Island hop
It rained heavily, were right in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by many islands.
This such an experience, I remember the last time I enjoyed the rain.
And here, we had no choice,
we were soaked by the time we arrived
at the Hidden beach and it had stopped raining then.
Aboard the Islanen, 
just a small board with Darwin as our guide and some of his friends.
Few guest were already on the area when we arrive.
And they are enjoy snorkeling.
Perfect lace for snorkeling. 
It's not too deep, with diverse fish culture. 
Very very colorful. I' try to imagine this place on a sunny day. 
It would be much more.
The entrance and the exit point is different, but its not very wide.
I see now the reason why we are on a small boat 

and why Tour C is limited to a few number of  guest at the same time.
Secret Beach
Going inside into this secluded area is hazardous,
but if you're up for the challenge, its very rewarding.
Since its high tide, the small entrance which is a crack hole
in the rock wall is almost hidden under water,
waves are also crashing in making the feat a life threatening adventure. 
Once inside, you'll an enclosure of expose limestone rocks,
corals in shallow water pools, you have to swim over them.
A small beach is inside, hence the name secret beach.
Though it's really not a secret at all, but it serves its purpose, mystery. 
The only way in and out is in the rack in this wall.
Its also better to dive down and come out on the other side,
That way you can avoid the incoming crash of waves.
Matinloc Island
Here we explored a church built in this secluded place and also wandered on the big resort that looks abandoned and falling into decay.
This is on the 3rd floor of the abandoned resort, 
overlooking the waters below and the Tapiutan Island.
On the Matinloc Marina, it was slippery and raining heavily.
It's nice to stand in this Marina, feels like a big concert stage.
Helicopter Island
Helicopter Island is our last Island Hop.
A long stretch of white sand with rich corals and diverse marine life.
Very nice place for snorkeling and photo shoot.
Our guides found a Sea Turtle swimming in the shallows,
We took a few pictures and let it go before it gets stressed by our presence.
Sea Turtle, one of the many turtles I've seen in El Nido waters.

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  1. nice!

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  2. You can't miss this! :)
    Matutuloy din yan

  3. could you help us where to stay and where to avail the package? Thanks.

  4. @Anonymous - I dunno how I can reply with you on this..
    The tour package I got with Hadefe includes everything with accomodation.
    7K per head, 2 tours in El Nido, and 2 in Puerto Princesa..
    Covers Breakfast and lunch..
    check this link

  5. cont:
    The transpo is also included, accommodation is comfortable
    aircon room good for 2 with comfort room.

  6. Great photos and surely like a pro. Happy to know you enjoyed at El Nido. Nex time, try Coron, Dos Palmas, and the south. More to offer.


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