Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puerto Princesa | City In A Forest

Puerto Princesa City Tour

July 4, 2011
I concluded a Palawan trip and spent most of my time in El Nido
Puerto Princesa was on the last 2 days and I enjoyed it immensely.
It is such a small city, without even a mall with cinemas but it has a lot to offer.

Well, I wouldn't want to grapple a real live crocodile.
But I think this is how you do it.
Welcome to Puerto Princesa
Meet the Puerto Princesa City Mayor..
He was shy that morning so he said he'll just smile in the corner.
Huh!! Whatever! Choz!
Eating Tamilok.
If I imagine now what the worm may have look like.
On the way to Puerto Princesa
Palawan Subterranean River

Last day, City Tour Puerto Princesa

Crocodile Farm

Mitra's Ranch

Baker's Hill

Binuatan Creations

Plaza Cuartel

Puerto Princesa Church
A Gothic church

After Lunch, Back to the Airport
I cap the trip with an airport jumpshot!
Woho!!  :)

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  1. I totally love your pics! I will also be visiting Palawan early next year and your posts made me much more excited. More to power to your blog Francis!

  2. hihihi!!!
    I Love Palawan very much!!!
    Babalik din ako, Coron naman this time..

  3. gaano kalau ang place na yan from airport?

    1. Medyo malayo sa airport yung ibang place.. like the Underground River, Mitra's Ranch, Bakers Hill, at Crocodile Farm.. kailangan ng van to go arround.
      Yung within city limits, malapit sa airport, pwedeng tricycle lang, Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel


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