Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales | Surfing Newbie Adventure

ZAMBALES | Surfing Zambales

It's surfing season.. Before it doesn't mean much to me but it does now that I've tried it. Did I tell before that I am such a water whore.. I'm always at home with water. Reason why most places that I like to go with must have  or least a chance for me to swim or snorkel. I can't count the many times I almost drowned as a kid, because I kept on trying to learn to swim on my own.. Not in a swimming pool mind you, but on a fresh water river in my Mom's hometown, Mambusao Capiz.

Liw-Liwa is a sitio in San Felipe, Zambales. San Felipe was practically a coastline I've been coming here for the last 3 years.. Every time I want to enjoy a weekend by the beach I have a friend who's got a beach house here.. In all my time, I never knew that the place was good for surfing. Well, It was probably off season when I went here the last time which was April 2011.

Trying to surf as a newbie was challenging for me. My body doesn't have that balanced symmetry.. I made up for it for stamina though.

It's really fun, It's no wonder why a lot of people is addicted to this. I've always been right handed, so I was being being cocky with my guide, saying that I'm probably a regular surfer.. I can't even stand on the board.. shame! But when I tried goofy, that's when my guide concluded that I'm goofy.

How did I do for starters? Not bad, but if I compare myself to my friends.. I'm way behind, there's only a handful of first timers like me that day. A little more practice would do me good.

My friend Chuchi! Who could tell that this girl is a team manager in our office. It's just her 2nd time to try surfing, but here she looks like a pro.

Kuya Patrick, One of the resident surf guide. He was the one who gave us our orientation.

Here's Me... Finally realizing that I'm a goofy surfer (facing left side of the surf board)

Onin, first timer as well. Having a great time, with same much luck as I have. :)

Joey, now this one, my friend is amazing. He wasn't paying attention to the orientation.. He wasn't really interested in surfing. but when he tried it the first time.. it was effortless. I guess its as he says it is.. having a good sense of balance is something.

This is May, I just met her.. First time surfer as well.. She's practically one of the gays in the bunch. lol! But when she hit the board, it didn't take long for her to glide through.

Surfers aboard

Chivas.. He's semi pro... Doing great with the board.

lastly, me again.. you resident pala-lagaw.. This time for photo op while I balance on the board.

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  1. Nice to know the we Filipinoes continue to enjoy what we inj country. May we continue the bountiful nature.Nice blog.followed you already.

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing this. This entry reinforced the idea even more to go to LiwLiwa. Question, need help on how to get there and places to stay. Hope to hear from you! Thanks again!

  3. Hi,

    We went to Liw-Liwa as a group, we were about 12 people so the expenses were shared, about Php 1,500 per head for an all day and overnight stay. We have a contact for this, its kuya Marshall.. (contact info available upon request, email me at

    for some surfers, there's no need for a place to stay specially if you have a car, you just need to find a good parking lot. Surf boards can be rented in there.

    Let me know if you have other inquiries. :)

  4. Naks! LOve to play with the waves too.
    Never tried surfing but I am optimistic that I will also learn this, hehe..

  5. wow...I've been itching to visit San Felipe, Zambales. not only for the surfing but simply for the beach itself.

    but i love to try surfing too :)

  6. ang gaganda ng pictures.super parang advertisement sa surfing talaga.hehe

  7. I love to see people surfing and people who are wanting to learn it... it's surely looks tough to do.

  8. Grabe! Now I want to go surfing (but I'm scared as heck!).. Your photos made it more inviting for me... so I might just take my friends Baler offer soon. :)

  9. wow!!! love your pictures! sa pictures pa lang ok na.. never mind ung challenge ng surfing hehe

  10. I am not into surfing but I just love what you got here. It is so crisp.

  11. i envy you guys because you know how to surf! :)
    the guy in the 8th photo looks so good surfing :)

  12. Havent tried surfing but I really want to try it. Glad that we still have a place like this in our country. It looks like you really enjoyed your adventure. ;)

  13. whoa nice shots ha! galing! I'm from Zambales, glad that you loved our place.. I don't surf though super lampa ako e.. lol but would love to try it too. ;)

  14. great photos! you look like you all have a grand time. summer well spent!!

  15. At least you have tried surfing. You do not look like a beginner in those pics for sure. I am definite that the next time you go surfing, you'll do way much better. Kaya mo yan. I want to go surfing, too! kelan kaya yun?

  16. Those were crispy sharp photos of your friends surfing. ^_^

  17. WOw! Astig mga Pics!..
    Gusto kong mag surf kaya lang pinapangunahan ako ng takot..
    Kaya naman... nakukuntento nalang ako sa patingintingin..:)

  18. i tried sand boarding but well see if i could do this one simday as well! haha xx

  19. great ! nakakainggit ! i love water sports but still not trying surfing ! want to learn !!! :))

  20. great shots here by the way. really wanted to try surfing.

  21. Wow! This has been one of my dreams - to experience surfing. Inngit mode now...

  22. Wow galing naman! How i wish na kakayanin ng surfing board katawan ko... Lol... I want to try this... :)

  23. ako rin ang isa sa mga naiinggit. as in inggit.
    sana maexperience ko rin ang magsurfing. :D

  24. I just saw ur blog & Im interested to go to Li Liwa Zambales What if we can bring our own tent do they a camping ground to pitch tent? how about tent rental how much is it? Can we also pitch a tent near the beach? Can we also pitch a tent at night near the beach? Please I need a help... How about cooking near the beach? thanks

    1. Hello Po!
      Regarding your inquiry about pitching a tent, its not an issue in there.
      During Surf Season, surfing go and just sleep in their trucks or in a pitched tent.
      I am not sure about renting Tents though, there is Circle Hostel in Liw-liwa which is a perfect place for back packers, they can offer accomodation like the hammock.
      Regarding cooking, I won't be a problem, though there is carinderia there that caters to surfers and guest. So food is not an issue as well.


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