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Sagada | Cave Spelunking

Spelunking In Sumaging Cave
Of Magnificent Caves And Timeless Rock Formations

Note: This is a repost
May 2011

Cave Spelunking was our first tour itinerary in Sagada.
With Caves, Hanging Coffins and even cave coffins, these are the things that make Sagada famous.
A visit to Sagada is not enough without a visit to them.
Photography is a challenge in caves unless you know how adjust your DSLR to low lights
without getting blurred pictures since a tripod is out of the question.

I could say that this trip was an achievement for me and my travel buddy "The Pinoy Travel Freak"
We both our amateur photographers.

We were feeling a bit of adventurous that day so we didn't hire a van to get to Sumaging,
We walked for 45 minutes, I thought that other tourist would be walking as well.
I'm surprised that we are the only ones who did.
It was a long walk down spiraling roads,
Our reward was a sprawling view of Sagada on a closer look.
I was tired before reaching the Sumaging cave, but I wouldn't do it any other way.
(Photo Credit: Pinoy Travel Freak)
Our first stop along the way is the Lumiang Cave
Just visited the entrance that showcases the famous cave coffins.

Now who wants to be buried like this?
The body is twisted to form fetal position and the to fit in a very small coffin.
Much to my chagrin, the hike is tiresome.
Entering the cave.

Tanga lang ako.
I thought you'd find mummies here, so I asked the guide if they perform the mummification ritual.
Sa Benguet daw yun.
Spelunking here was really good.
Down there in the Sumaging cave, where the rocks had never seen daylight.
It's timeless

Here I stand in the Dinosaur footprint.
It looks like a big clawed footprint.
Just for your imagination, meet his Majesty the King.
I think this one was carved, I've look at it closely
Meet her Majesty the Queen.
His highness, The Prince
I lost my picture of the Princess, it was very visual.. 
I'd rather not include her in here.
The passing snake.
The Royal Curtain.
Who wants to ride the turtle?
You don't just go there because you want to see limestone rocks.

Take a plunge.
at least 3 times, you have to rappel to get through a route.
You pass and squeeze into tight spaces.
 or embrace a sleeping bear.
Waddle though sub zero cold water that's above waist deep.
The light is brought by the guides.
It cast a glorious yellow light inside the cave.
Before the spelunking ended, I got to feel claustrophobic.
Who wouldn't?
It's a very nice adventure experience even for just 2 hours.
I've seen a different world down there.
The route is well used and planned for, I think the dangerous stalactites had been remove purposely.
After spelunking, we still had to hire a van.
By the way there's no other mode of transport.
Trycyle is alien with these people.

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  1. Great photos and the rock formations are just impressive.

  2. Wow Simurgh! Amazing ang mga scenes pero mas na amaze ako sa mga poses mo. :)

    Kidding aside, I admire your love for adventure, parang di ko ata kaya yung adventure na yan, a bit scary! :)

  3. @Myke - Thanks for visiting..

    @Krizza - hihihi!! Na obvious yata na cam whore ako.

  4. Wow.. Ganda ng mga pictures! :D Sa Sagada, never been there.. pero sana one day, makarating din dun. hehe..

  5. Yan ang di ko nagawa sa Sagada! Next time pag payat na ko aakyat ulit ako sa Sagada at papasok ng kweba hehe

  6. Salamat sa pagbisita sakin... ang ganda ng photos mo ah, magbabackread ako =)

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  8. ang ganda tlaga sa Sagada! the best!!!!

  9. Hey Francis, how was your Halloween? By the way, sorry wasn't able to visit back asap. It was my birthday so I needed to enjoy my Friday and the weekend.

    How does underground water feel? I bet cold, brrrr... Have you encountered any weird creatures like shell-less crab, or albino snake. I heard their quite famous in places like that. ☺

  10. Ey Michael!
    You commented on my BDay too.. Nov 5.
    Not much weird creatures aside from bats

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    kissed your ad
    now your turn

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