Monday, November 28, 2011

SM MOA Bay Area | Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets At Manila Bay Area
A Pinoy Christmas Pasyalan Series | SM Mall Of Asia

Pinoys Flock to this place behind the SM Mall Of Asia, and for obvious reason.
That although It's not yet Christmas when these pictures were taken, this strip of family day haven is free for everyone or every family who wants to have a nice weekend or holiday family bonding.. Just sitting by the bay and watch over the sunsets does the trick. A sunset strip looking over Manila Bay.

This is part 1 of my Pinoy Christmas Pasyalan Series.

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  1. just love the sunset shoots at Manila bay. This ones are romantic shoots. great!

  2. Ah, nothing really beats a great sunset to cap your day ;)

    When in Manila, I am also fond of taking photos of sunsets in Manila Bay. If I may, here's one of those shots, taken near the Manila Ocean Part. That side is nice because it's not usually crowded ;)

  3. Sunset lover here...definitely +1! layo lang sa amin nito...

  4. amazing talaga mga kuha mo.. i admire your photography... tama bah? hehe

    thanks simurgh..:)) daddy na nga ako.. hehehe..:))

  5. I like all your photos :-) what camera you're using?

  6. Wow. You gave MOA a different perspective. Keep on shooting. You are good. =)

  7. sobrang ganda ng pictures!!!! inggit much ako!!! hehehe

  8. uy, in fernez, napasyalan ko na din 'to finally. hehe!

  9. That view gives us the best view of the sunset ^_^.

    Buti di ka sinita ng mga gwardya dyan.


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