Friday, February 3, 2012

TRAVEL Notes | Mt Tapyas, Coron

CORON | Mt Tapyas
Trekking Mt Tapyas on Day 1

February 3, 2012
I'm on 2nd day for the Coron trip, as usual in small towns like this, early to bed and early to rise, and I just woke earlier than everyone. Despite the frustration I got yesterday for having my flight from NAIA to Busuanga Coron delayed for over 3 1/2 hours, I was inspired by Coron even before we touched down the airport.

How many more step is there to the summit? I kept asking myself while scaling the 700 steps of Mt Tapyas. I'm tough especially with activities like this, that though I'm sweaty like every climber here, I'm not running out of breath, but boy this is for someone who needs to be punished, never mind that the scenery is so breathtaking you just have to stop and take it all in.

I'm too excited to start this day, as yesterday it was the first time I brought my new camera to test, Lumix TS3 underwater camera. Though I didn't have any island hopping yet, I was trying to check how it would fare as a regular point and shoot camera, so far it exceeded my expectation despite the weight and size that it presented, it's very flashy eye candy tough camera, I'm not too happy though with the short battery life span.

I'm creating this travel notes that would feature updates and my thoughts while I am travelling, whilst I can't post much photos, a few might suffice just to update. I got the idea of creating this by following a wonderful fellow travel blogger Christian of Lakad Pilipinas with his pages for POSTCARDS, its where he place snapshots of the best pictures he got while he's on the road. 

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  1. Pero in fairness maganda naman 'yong mga shots mo. Siguro kelangan lang ng extra battery. Ako kasi I'm using P&S and I bought extra battery. Yung dati kung P&S, walang available na battery sa amin at sa Greenhills ko pa nahanap haha.

    Pero honestly, I like the quality of the image. Marami narin kasing palaban ng point and shoot ngayon. Ako, pinag-iipunan ko yong Lumix ngayon. I don't have DSLR yet pero Lumix talaga ang priority ko para na rin sa underwater adventure soon!

  2. this is one great travel notes Francis. Ganda ng kuha ng photos mo as usual and impressive narratives pa rin hehe.

  3. ganda talaga ng view from Mt. Tapyas... especially during sunsets... too bad it was raining when we hiked... :)

  4. Im going to Coron this summer and I am sooo excited. Is it really beautiful, oh well your pictures show. Nice post.:)

  5. @Blanca - Its the real last frontier.. if you know what I mean. Go to Coron by April or May.. just perfect weather, at this time its Amihan, strong may kill your chance of a nice island hopping trips

  6. I think this is my girlfriend want to keep on coming back in Philippines. She's been to Philippines last year (I think) and told her why not just go to other country, she said for 2 weeks visit in the country, she still haven't got enough of it.

    Well, I do hope I could experience the fun and this breath taking spots in the country. I'm planning our travel right now, I'm keeping it as a secret for now. I want to surprise her this March with airline tickets.

    Keep it up! I totally find your photos totally cool! Can't wait to come to Philippines!



  7. @James - Travelling to Philippines b March is PERFECT!!!
    Its the start of summer here! Tourist hot spots will be on full throttle.

  8. wow i'm glad my postcards has inspired you man! :)

  9. Beautiful shots! I will go to PALAWAN this year..puhlllllease I wanna see this place being the last frontier. Update us more of your travel notes. Learning great ideas from you.

  10. I love how you captured the sun in your photos :-) Ganda rin ng contrast of colors

  11. photos looks amazing~~ wanted to visit this place as well very soon!! male postcards and dating tlg!! xx

  12. Beautiful photos. One of my dream destinations is Coron. I really hope I can go there soon. I also miss trekking... haaay...


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