Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EVENT | Pyromusical Competition

The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition
Getting Awed By The Brightest Fireworks Show

Three years ago, when this Pyromusical show was hosted in SM Mall of Asia, I had come to witness the event not as a travel blogger but as a spectator like everyone else. My own goal was to catch a glimpse of one the competing countries show at least. As you can guess, or if you had been to the event as with this year or previously, it draws a lot of people. A fireworks showdown is a natural crowd gatherer, putting up a show where some of the best people in pyrotechnics can showcase their craft and their country is like watching the legendary gladiators spectacle in the roman coliseum.

This year, the density of the crowd gathering at SM MOA is staggering, the heavy traffic that probably runs over half the length and breadth of EDSA and the entire Sen Gil Puyat Ave is a major turn off. Heads up to those who intend to witness the event in the upcoming Saturdays, better come early, buy your tickets and probably enjoy the mall and its delight prior to the show. If you have a car or vehicle, you should probably bring it as commuting can be stressful after the show due to the heavy mob that's  waiting to grab the next available seat.

On this night, February 18, 2012 I was invited as part of the media to cover the event. The two competing countries would be UK and Spain, with UK being a runner up last year, is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people has gathered tonight, the expectations are mounting. I took it as a challenge to photograph, I've never really successfully photograph a Pyromusical show, so please pardon my amateurish pictures. I didn't take very frame of spectacle that night as I wanted to witness it with my own eyes and not behind my viewfinder. It's really amazing, to never allow technology to stop me from marveling at things.

We where seated in the mall balcony, facing the bay, and as you can see in my pictures, there are two emaciated looking palm trees that's blocking a part of the spectacle. I'm tree friendly but I've never wish to cut down a tree this badly before. 

Don't ask me how long I waited for the show to start, but I did wait patiently hoping for a better reward. A good reward that was, UK lived up to the expectations of the crowd. It was nice to watch the crowd from my vantage point getting awed by the firework spectacle. Seems like every Digicams, DLSR's and cam phone  are out to capture the moment. Sponsors like close up did their show as well with the heart shaped fireworks. Spain was the 2nd presenter for the night, though I like UK better, they both delivered a good show, and the crowd went home pleased with what they witnessed.

Media Press Release
Beginning February 11 to March 17, 2012 every Saturday at 7pm, witness the brightest show on earth showcasing world-class explosions of colors harmonized with electrifying music, The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition happening at the only bayside mall of the country, SM Mall of Asia!

For ticket inquiries, call Ticket Net at 911-5555, Ticket World at 891-9999 or SM Tickets at 470-2222 or check out

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  1. Sayang na miss ko to, we covered this too last year, last week naman na realize ko nasira na pala ang tripod ko kaya d na ako nakapunta. buti ka pa, ang dame mung magandag kuha ah! ako last time, super effort pero 3 lang ata matinong kuha ko. haha

  2. Wow, such an event to watch out. I'm too far kasi to see this. Hope to witness it soon...

  3. @ Christian | Thanks for droppin by! marami ka yatang time mg blog lately. :)

    @Gael | Super effort din ako kumuha.. constantly adjusting the shutter speed kasi pg hindi, na expose yung iba pang white light. SO I dont really agree with remote release.. me weeks pa naman na kasunod. makakahabol ka pa.

    @ED | Don't worry, this is not the last fireworks show on earth.. hihihi! sana mas marami pako ma attend na event like this at maka pag practice taking picture.

  4. napaka humble mo naman. Anong "your pictures are better than mine" weh, di nga? Good job on the Photos.

  5. fireworks!!! your shots look very nice

  6. Nga pala, any plans to see the rest of competition?

  7. love the photos! watched the pyromusical twice in 2009 and 2010 so it is not really on top of my list right now, with your post i am having second thoughts. i hope i could free up a weekend!

  8. amazing captures! How I wish I have those abilities of taking pictures as well.. haha bano ako eh. kainis! :P

  9. @ Sionee - ano po ibis sabihin ng bano? hehhehe! the saying goes, practice makes it! and I practice most of the time

    @ Mhe-anne - You should watch.. more travel blogger from PTB are watching it.. It's a good chance to meet other bloggers.

    @ Lakwatsero - I plan to watch next Saturday.. But first I have to secure a media pass.. hahaha!

    @ Athena - Thanks po!

  10. wow.. i love this much... hilig ko manuod ng fireworks..!! and nice shots..!! =)

  11. Wow! I have seen fireworks display photos is DG Formoso's blog I think and these two posts reminds me of Disneylands magical fireworks display. Galing2x nyo! Sana gumaling din ako gaya nyo. Tnx! :)

  12. awesome firework pictures... I can never take good pictures in the dark with my camera... but yours are awesome...

  13. awesome fireworks. I was supposed to cover this too but I chose to go instead on the last day para mawitness ko entry ng Philippines.:)

  14. Wow! Awesome photos. Galing! Wala ako masabi. Ganda!

  15. These has got to be the best fireworks photos I've ever seen. Made me hum the Katy Perry song. :) You take photos so well, inggit ako. :))

  16. Ang ganda ng photos mo! Grabe! I never bothered to come kasi ang traffic eh

  17. What a beautiful pictures you have here? We love fireworks!

  18. I always get frustrated every pyromusical competition since 2007/2008. Palagi kasi akong nagpaplanong pumunta dun pero di matuloy-tuloy. :D

    I haven't tried doing fireworks photography pero magandang training ground sya para dito. ^_^

  19. Wonderful shots! This is it! I am convinced that you and gabs are professional photographers! I wish I could attend the pyromusical competition this coming Saturday or on March 17 when the Philippines will be competing. Would you be kind enough and give me a media pass too Francis? :-P

  20. Ate Cha!
    I think you should ask Gabz!
    I got from a blogger too whose part of PR. I think!

  21. yun. pinost na rin! nice shots! sa uulitin, kitakits! :)


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