Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coron Underwater Part III | Barracuda Lake

Part III Underwater Adventure

Swimming in Barracuda lake is a surreal experience. The lake itself was named after the Barracuda's that lives in its depth, though these wonderful creatures often shy away from human contact. Barracuda lake itself is a famous sinkhole because it located on top of a volcanic crater, it is famous as a dive spot because at different water levels, the waters change. The top most layer is fresh water, while the middle part is like a hot spring, bottom lake floor is seawater, its an amazing phenomena that makes Barracuda Lake a keeper for divers. 

Swimming between layers in Barracuda Lake, is to experience the Thermoclines and Helioclines, very interesting. Divers do not even need to wear Dive suits as is, they have to pass on the middle layer which would feel like swimming in a giant hot spring, if you have been to a hot spring you'd know that its both a pleasant and unpleasant experience.

The lake is sorrounded by jagged Karst Rock wall formation. The swimming experience is remarkable, if you can swim on deep waters, you have to keep up, being that the top most level is fresh water, because of its bouyancy, a swimmer will most likely sink if he can't stay afloat. I just wish I've learned how to dive though, this would have been an amazing once in a lifetime experience. Barracuda lake is considered to be one of the most unique dive sites in the world, I'm brimming with pride that it can be found here in the Philippines, Palawan never ceases to amaze me, it will probably continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Barracuda lake is not far from Kayangan lake, though Kayangan is a snorkelers delight the contrast of visitors dropping by Barracuda Lake is remarkable, with just a few foreign guest who are already swimming in the lake when I arrive I don't see anyone else that had been to Kayangan. I wondered where are the others? Though the entrance is not as challenging as with the other lake, this dive spot would probably scare most of the light snorkelers who just wants to enjoy a bask in the sun. The entrance may look like a fancy white sand beach, the lake itself is surrounded by a wall of karst plunging downward to the dark depths of Barracuda lake.

Swimming in Barracuda lake is fun, it feels like me going in to the middle of an open sea and jumping off from the confines of a boat. That feeling of vulnerability, of openness to the world, with nothing beneath you but the buoyancy of water and relying on the strength of your arms and the limbs to keep afloat. It makes me addicted to look for places that presents a challenge for swimming. I was never an athlete for swimming, but what I lack in technique, I make up for stamina. It's really true that if you constantly push yourself, you can breakdown boundaries. 

What can I say about Barracuda Lake? It was a good swim, and I guess I was feeling lucky that there's not much guest coming in here, my kind of fun is not for everyone. I was glad I didn't miss this one spot.

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  1. Di ko pa napuntahan to, saan ang entrance ba nito? Dun din sa may Kayangan?

  2. Ibang entrance to Christian.. eto yung katabing lake ng Kayangan.. sa north side nya. Php 100 yung entrance

  3. i wish kasing runong mo akong lumangoy. kahit na kasi may life jacket ako takot pa rin ako magsnorkle sa mga malalalim. duwag lang di ba? hahaha

  4. i just watched anctum last night..takot talaga ako sa mga ganyan..i wishi could overcome my fear on water para matry ko din yan..awesome lake!

  5. I miss coron :) Nakakainggit ka naman nde mo na kelangan ng life jacket.. takot na takot ako sa unang pag langoy ko jan :D swabeng swabe ang pag swim mo.. sarap!!

  6. Wow! Ang ganda naman. :D Ang clear talaga ng tubig. I hope makapunta ako ng Coron this year. Ang dami kong gustong puntahan based from your posts. :) Siguro ipon na din ng underwater cam for Coron, hehe. :)

  7. You have an amazing blog! Im following you! :) Great barracuda lake! ang awesome lng! I wanna go diving here!

  8. Gustong gusto kong itry ang diving. Nainggit ako! :D

  9. wow, this is a must-visit! i'll practice swimming in fresh water so i won't sink hehehe...

  10. I was just there but didn't get to swim- these are excellent shots :) nainggit tuloy ako!


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