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Guest Post | 3 Ways Boracay Differs From Other Beaches

3 Ways Boracay Differs From Other Beaches 

Boracay remains a highly regarded vacation spot in the world—a condition that is sure to remain for many years to come. It is a nature-endowed island that is made available for humans to relish—but the question is, what sets this island apart from others, and why is it so renowned? Below are three important characteristics that are uniquely Boracay.

Sharing a glimpse of Filipino hospitality, natives living on the island are an accommodating bunch. They are not aloof to foreigners, even providing assistance when asked and necessary. Their day-to-day lives revolve around family and work, but they still have time for getting together to connect and have fun.

Boracay residents are also resilient, a quality that is partly signified by their smile-parted faces. In the face of calamities, they just let things go and prioritize themselves and others above all else. During the aftermath, they take in everything and start rebuilding right away without so much display of negative emotion. Filipinos on Boracay are strong yet gentle.

Abundance of activities
Boracay activities are varied and span the spectrum of water and land activities. Adventurous tourists have different water sports to try, from snorkeling and scuba diving to kite surfing and boat riding. Those who prefer to stay on land can trek the highest point of the island or roam around on the all-terrain vehicles available for rent. Whilst these activities can be found worldwide, Boracay’s convenient and central access to all these activities makes it unique.

Boracay fun does not stop at sunset, for when water and land activities are set aside for the following morning, out comes sound systems and flickering lights enlivening the night. As the sun goes down, lively music triggers people to dance.

The best island in the world also ensures that tourists can lock-in their memories of the island through souvenirs. There is the D'Mall for shopping trinkets and paintings, and tattoo shops hold kiosks in the busy parts of the island. Fantastic visuals can also be captured everywhere people go, which is a sure way to bring home fun-filled memories of and about Boracay.

The cost advantage favors foreigners more because of the high exchange rate of dollars and euros compared to pesos. This makes purchasing generally very affordable. Accommodations come cheap if people know where to look, and getting a decent hotel or resort is not a problem even for tight-budgeted foreign tourists. Some foreigners are even able to partner with locals in establishing businesses.

When it comes to vacation places that people should go to at least once in their lifetime, the paradise island of Boracay is not to be missed. The island itself is a wonder of nature, and once people get to experience what is there inside, they are sure to spot the unique qualities of all things Boracay has.

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  1. gosh.. I'm nearly 40 and i've NEVER been to Boracay yet. am i missing much?

    1. What? hihhihi!
      I never blog about Boracay on my articles, but Ive been there numerous times.
      Its really the best we have, beach culture and scene, including nature. :)

    2. oh why you don't blog your Boracay trips, your readers would love to know your experiences... :)

  2. I've never been to Boracay but if I have time and money, I would love to visit the beautiful island soon! :D

  3. Of all the Philippine destinations that I've been to, Boracay would have to be my most frequented beach escape. And yes, I would have to agree on all 3 points, especially when it comes to the very accommodating locals. The affordability of the lodgings there are also commendable --- you just have to know where to look. I already have a favorite hotel there, and I've already stayed with them twice. :) Grabe, I suddenly missed Boracay because of this post!

  4. Boracay has so many characters from those who just want to chill, to those who wants to go for adventure and also for those who loves to party at night.

  5. I couldn't agree more! I may not blog about my trips to Boracay but it will always be one of my favorite summer places in the country. :)

  6. I've never been to Boracay, we had plans last year but did not pushed thru.. bu based on what I hear and read about Boracay, there is so much to do there..

  7. I never thought to plan for Boracay. However reading your post makes me to think for this place it’s interesting.


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