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Laguna | Nagcarlan's Historic Underground Cemetery

LAGUNA | Nagcarlan's Historic Underground Cemetery
Creepy Underground Crypt

The customary walk to reach the church with a burial site beneath it.

Curiosity got the better of me, but I wouldn't miss seeing this crypt if it were the last thing I had to do in this day. I've got a fair share of visiting graves, cemetery's and creepy crypts, but this underground cemetery in Nagcarlan proved to be one of the creepiest old edifice I've seen. Mind you, I didn't discern any bad vibes or restless haunts in its corners.

We were all feeling accomplished after camping at the summit of Mt Mabilog so from our jump off in Lake Pandin, of San Pablo City we were all itching to take refreshing bath in Bunga Falls of Nagcarlan. This underground cemetery was just along the way and since we have a number of photography enthusiasts in the group, this Historical crypt is a place to show off what can low light photography can do.

A closer look at the church facade, the crumbling details, pilars and the bell placed atop.

The epitaph of National Historical Institute placed on the side of the Arch Gate.

As soon as our rented jeep took off from our jump off, a heavy rain went down all over San Pablo City to our way in Nagcarlan, Laguna. It was disheartening seeing the sky turned cloudy to an all grey, fortunately when the jeep made a stop at the Gas Station in front of the Arch Gate of this cemetery, the rain tuned down that even cloud shapes are discernible in the sky, great recipe for creepy looking photographs. I am not adverse to old cemeteries, growing up in the province, I had at some point considered mausoleums and family tombs a sanctuary when I was depressed and in dire need of solitary refuge, the tombs of loved one's who had passed was once my comfort.

I wasn't impressed by the site; I didn't even realize that it was already the cemetery that we came for if I wasn't told we were there. At first glance, I dismissed this as just another cemetery, I guess the Arch Gateway didn't give off that kind of vibe, it looks clean, a circular lawn with tended green grass and a straight paved walkway in the middle, the circular walls lined up with tombs stacked neatly. There is a mixed of the old red bricks, mossy and crumbling architectural details, the furthermost edifice with a cross placed on top of it looks like a church half buried in the earth.

The Interior of the Underground Cemetery is lighted with fluorescence on a few of its corners. Giving off an eerie cold light.
About The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

A church with a crypt beneath it, a place rich in history especially with the wars and conflicts that the Philippines had with its previous colonizers, war heroes and revolutionaries sought shelter in the crypt to avoid authorities. The church was designed for funeral masses, the graveyard some 15 ft below the church and buried here are some of the towns elite Catholic families. A National Historical Landmark, this was a secret meeting place of Filipino Revolutionaries or Katipuneros and members of the KKK in 1896, the same way during the Filipino-American War, and even for the Filipino Guerillas during World War II. The church is no longer operational, but serves as a landmark for tourist visiting Nagcarlan, Laguna.

Some of the tombs in the burial site, stacked neatly.

Architectural details from the columns and the arch doorways.

Looking back at the Arch gate from the front of the church.

Beside the church, along the walls are tombs lined up running to almost half of the cemetery like a circular fence.

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  1. The photo speaks for themselves, this underground cemetery is a must-see place in Nagcarlan. I've seen na yan eh being a frequent visitor of the site.

  2. wow i dont even know that there is places like this with those lovely looking adn well kept tombs! it would be a great tourists places specially you can see how long its been standing there just by looking around!

  3. I found this an interesting read but I think I wouldn't want to go there basically because I'm a coward. Still, I never say no to useful information.


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