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El Nido | The Snaking Sandbar Snake Island

El Nido | The Snaking Sandbar Of Snake Island
The Bacuit Archipelago

Bacuit Archipelago is easily at the top of my list as the best location for beach and island hopping, having been to some of the best must explore group of islands in the Philippines, even bested that of El Nido's closest counterpart, Coron also that in Palawan.

Snake Island's beach area is covered in shades from bushes, making it perfect for an outdoor buffet lunch on an Island Hopping trip.

To sum it, El Nido is the gateway to the Bacuit Archipelago, a stunning cluster of 45 Islands of Karst Rock towering and lusciously green against a horizon of azure blue waters. Each of the islands is trusts up from the Sea, and cluttered with some of the most secluded and stunning white sand beaches.

When in El Nido, the best way to explore some of the islands is by signing up to their island hopping tours. On this day, I signed up for the Tour B Island Hopping, it's also a good way to meet other guest and some back packers in El Nido, the trips are favorable even for solo travelers who can't really afford renting the entire outrigger boat and hire its entire crew for a whole day event.

As seen from the side of Snake Island's Hill, a viewpoint of El Nido beautiful seascape.

The snaking white sandbar, connecting Snake Island to the mainland giving it its name.

The Island Hopping Tour B is one of the 4 Island Hopping trips. The Snake Island is named after a snaking sandbar that connects this small island to El Nido. This is the place where buffet lunch is prepared by the tour groups for their guest. I have no words to express the feeling of seeing its bush covered beach area on initial approach; the sorrounding vegetation is a contrast of colors with the green and blue hues of the waters. The sandbar itself is discernible even on approach as the snaking white sand beneath the waters are easily set apart from the greens.

Snake Island itself, unlike most of the islands in El Nido that has towering rocks near its beaches; this has a trail to trek, a small hill that is a perfect view point to see a sweeping panorama of the islands of El Nido. Just with this alone, taking the Tour B is perfect for families, lovers or Solo travelers alike, visiting about 6 scenic locations and some of the most astounding snorkeling areas in Bacuit Archipelago. 

As I would always feel, on each time I visit El Nido, a profound feeling seeing a different world than your own, a paradise world that you'll be leaving behind, El Nido is truly deserving of the tagline "Heaven on Earth."

Would have wanted to swim and enjoy the sandbar all for me, but you know the waters are too tempting for anyone to miss.

Got my own "Me" time, and my shoulders had started turning red from Sun Burns. It's only the 2nd Island we've been through, there are still 4 more.

And our buffet lunch, tadadadan tadan! Love the freshly grilled fish, along with the Barbeque; they were all cooked on location.

El Nido Island Tours

Island Hopping Tour B
Pangalusian Island * Snake Island * Cadugnon cave * Cathedral Cave * Inabuyutan Island * Lagen Island

Activities: Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Nature Trekking, Some Cave Exploration, Buffet Lunch, Beach Hopping
NOTE: The Island to visit may vary on the tour groups, as long as it is within the area for Tour B. These noted Island and Cave's are only some that I've been to.

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  1. How many days would you recommend visitors to stay here to explore the island and really appreciate its beauty? What other activities can be done here?

    1. I find your question to be off tangent, considering that its actually the traveler who decides how long are they going to stay in a place like El Nido, Palawan.
      Personally, 5 days is enough considering the travel you have to make from Puerto Princesa to El Nido and vice versa.
      Regarding the activities though, if you read the last part of my post, I did write the activities that can be done in enumeration.

  2. Snake Island would be an interesting place to explore complete with the beaches, a trek and a hilly view of the island/

  3. more promotion on this island should be made as it certainly deserves tourists' admiration. this should be on my list now.

  4. Hayyy ang ganda naman ng place na yan! Oerfect for nature tripping. Wish I could visit the island soon :)

  5. I thought it was called Snake Island because of too much snake population its the snaking sandbar pala. Hope to visit the place this coming summer.

  6. Your photos speak volume of the beauty of EL Nido, awesome! I hope to get there soon and join the Tour B Island hopping too :)

  7. wow! pristine waters, nice to take a dip siguro. Snake Island seems to offers great Nature trek and yummy foods to prospective visitors.

  8. Everything about the island is a wonder that's worth seeing not only through amazing captures like these but exploring its beauty up close. When can I ever land on this paradise?

  9. gorgeous shots there! shared the link to my husband! he wants to explore islands in philippines!


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