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Food Trip | ZOLA Resto \ Cafe

FOOD TRIP | ZOLA Resto \ Cafe
Baguio Food Tour 2013

Like in every celebrated city in the Philippines; there is always that one Street, an Avenue, a Highway Road perhaps that seemed to be the center of activity that defines the place. The Session Road is that place in Baguio, the beating Heart of The Summer Capital of The Philippines, the humdrum of activity of people going to and fro with the enclave of establishments welcoming everyone. Prominently raising its banners is the must try "Zest Of Life's Abundance" ZOLA Resto and Cafe in of Session Roads corners.

You may find my narration here biased as I run through with the experience of dining in Zola, after all, it is a personal favorite since my first visit to Baguio back in August 2009. It was smaller then, occupying the ground level of Patria de Baguio Bldg, where it once was is now Jollibee of Baguio Upper session Rd, and on its top is now the much grander and spacious new ZOLA Resto \ Cafe. I've dined here for breakfast, lunch and festive dinners, thoroughly enjoying the crowd, the free wifi that I had put to good use, and the varying dishes that seemed to change constantly differing in the time of year and season. Here is a restaurant that doesn't limit itself to a specialty dish, thinking ahead of the others, visionary and aesthetically attune with the dynamic changes of times. A trendy place to enjoy, the party vibe is noticeable through the loud music, a definite dine and party place to enjoy cold beers and smoothie's with just the right food.

I was glad that Zola was one of the foodie joints to have sponsored the recently concluded Baguio Food Tour. Participated by 9 travel blogs whose creators and bloggers are coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, with Eats In Baguio as the only resident food blogger from this very city itself. We are not food critics, we don't intend to dissuade and just as is that we promote traveling all over the Philippines, food is not furthest from our thoughts, knowing for a fact that varied dining experience can distinctly define the very city that welcomes us. ZOLA Resto \ Cafe is definitely one of Baguio's best food corner and we were lucky to sample the newest offering's to grace their menu this November.

I always start my day with coffee, and with the cold October weather in Baguio where one would just love to lay in bed all day. A freshly brewed coffee does wonders before a sumptuous breakfast

The Breakfast Wonders
Just because ZOLA Resto \ Cafe is innovative, doesn't mean that they don't serve the classic favorites. Rice meals are foremost to every Pinoy especially when traveling more so because its what we are used to, but there are also options for no rice but a substitute to the carbo loads.

Taal Rice, one of the newest recipe to grace the menu of Zola by November. The all time favorite fried rice with mixes of garlic and smoked fish, topped with salted egg and garnished with red tomatoes and white onions.

Pinoy Big Breakfast, Plain rice with sprinkles of fried garlic, with Tocino and Pork Tapa, Fried Milk fish (Bangus) and Poached Egg garnished with Cucumber and Tomatoes.

American Breakfast, Light but complete. Plates of Pancakes, Poached Eggs, Bacons, baked Tomatoes and Cucumber for garnishing.

Blueberry French Toast, A simple toast with Blueberry jam, strips of Bacon's and garnishing.

Chef's Special Sandwich, a complete load. Got to love the fried potatoes an its dip, and what look like a clubhouse sandwich with strips of friend boneless chicken, bacon strips and cabbages.

The Main Courses
We were schedule for breakfast dine, but we came around brunch. Lucky that we were presented with a some new main courses, a little heavy considering that we just devoured the breakfast dishes. Yup we weren't just there to sample the food, we ate them with gusto, and the main courses were just so tempting to that we can't let it slip by.

Baby Back Ribs, The tenderest pork served, a little heavy on the sauce, a little balance will do this wonders.

Cream Dory With Ratatouille, Finally a Fish dish with Cream Dory served with vegetables prepared as Ratatouille recipe.

Chunky Chili Chicken, in the manner of spiced chunky boneless chicken with Chili mixed in its sauced. Great for spicy food lovers.

Buttered Pork chop, a regular dish I'd say, needs a work on preparing the meat, and the breading is a bit pasty.

Buffalo Chiken Pizza, a real treat and finale prepared by the Chef. Perfect for Barkada's wanting to stay more, while enjoying the warm vibe and ambiance of Zola.

The Sweet Desserts

Oreo Cookies And Cream, this we dug in with gusto. A very good blending, and too sweet for everyone to enjoy.

Mango Tango, layers of cream and crushed flakes topped with perfectly riped slices Mangoes, garnished with chocolates.

Meeting Chef Reniel of ZOLA Resto \ Cafe. Just as we thought we couldn't take anymore and dreading more dishes to be served, the Chef steps out of the kitchen to meet us. Glad to meet the man who is said to be solely responsible for the variety of dishes that Zola and its Sister restaurants are serving.

The Verdict
As always, I give a high score to ZOLA Resto \ Cafe for the warm and inviting ambiance that draws the guests in. Having open windows and a porch where guest can stay and observe the bustle of activities along Session Rd. The place had flat screens mounted on every post, though I enjoy pop music and MTV's which is good for guys of my generation, a place for a younger crowd, I don't think it would be appreciated by a more mature audience especially if they are bringing in guest. The food served us today had some over the top yet thoughtful offerings, though there are also average one's that I didn't really dig in. As with my past experience it can be tough to call out the waiters especially when there is a big crowd, but today it seems like they are working on improving the customer service level. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza was amazing, and I'd take that Taal Rice for breakfast any day. I give ZOLA Resto \ Cafe 3 out 5 Stars.

Where To?

ZOLA Resto \ Cafe
Patria de Baguio Bldg
Session Rd, Baguio City, Philippines
Phone Number: +63 (74) 446-5610
Email Address:
Facebook Page: ZOLA Resto \ Cafe

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  1. omg the shots!! I want to be as proficient of a photographer as you!

    1. Hi Kim!

      Diko alam sasabihin ko.
      But thank you! :)

  2. I would love to visit the Zola Resto when I come up to Baguio. All the photos you took made my stomach grumble, especially the big breakfast plate. I must admit I'm also very impressed with the plating. Kudos to Chef Reniel!


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