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Islas de Gigantes | Antonia Island

ISLAS DE GIGANTES | Antonia Island
Gigantes Group Of Islands In Photos Virtual Tour

Yet another Twin Beach to explore, adjacent to the bigger Gigante Sur Island. As per our guide, Antonia (An-to-ni-ya) Island is actually private, whose local ownership has been passed on from generation to generation. We paid entrance for Php 20.00 per head, though without any resort or large imposing edifice, there is a small house place just before the rocky hill and a little hut (kubo) for Sari-Sari store. Like the main islands of Gigante Norte and Gigante Sur, electricity is somewhat a challenge, but the Sari-Sari store sells all sorts of refreshments including beer to visitors as they are kept cool with ice. Yet another realization, as there were mounds of Scallops shells along the beach, this can be a perfect Island to camp.

Surprisingly, this island is the location set for snorkeling. Though on this day, I did snorkel, the water wasn't as clear as I wanted it to be, probably because the high tide is starting to subside. Towards the center of the beach and its shoreline, the sand is very fine, but its turns to pebbly on both corners, with crushed sea shells and debris an inhabited island like this would have, yes I'm reffering to a handful of garbage. It's not very much though, as it seems to me, with the mounds of scallops shells, of dried coconut leaves kept out of the way, the island is clean and well kept by the caretakers.

There are tables and chairs set under the shades of coconut trees. The relative peace is relaxing, as you can have a bottle of beer while being caress by the winds blowing past the beaches. The twin beaches are a long stretch of romantic settings.

It had been a long hot day, though I choose to get on just a few of the islands, Antonia is the only one that had the offering of snorkeling. On my arrival here, there were many snorkelers floating just a few meters from the beach, distinguishable in their reflective orange life vest. Guest can enjoy fish feeding, as the fishes are a vast array of colorful aquarium species, the corals are widespread, with some anemones and resident clown fishes.

Fish feeding is an enjoyable activity that I've first done few years back in some of my trips in Palawan. But its something I had stopped doing after learning that the seemingly innocent bait to attract the fishes can actually destroy the ecosystem. Our guide was swimming with us, and I didn't really expect that he'd bring some leftover food to draw fish, too late when I was already in the waters, just decided to have a word with him afterwards. Perhaps my blogging would help spread the word, beautiful are the Gigantes Islands, but it's as fragile as the ecosystem that it supports.

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Isla de Gigantes group of islands comprises mainly of Gigante Norte and Gigante Sur as its major volcanic islands with scattering of islets around it. Located in the western part of the Visayan Sea and approximately 18 kilometers Northeast off the mainland of Panay. The islands belong to the political domain of Municipality of Carles, Iloilo Province.

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  1. Francis...did you check out Tangke Island just around there? 'Coz it's really amazing! Embraced within Tangke is an enchanting lagoon created by the eternal spill of high tide. Though visits are seemingly limited or scheduled(?)taking a plunge on it's waters can let you forget that it's time to back to the motorboat.

    1. Hi Ulysses..
      Kamusta? I was from Tangke Natural Pool before going to Antonia Island..
      I gt sun burns from there because I took my time swimming. Amazing!
      Tangke is BTW part of Gigante Sur Island.

  2. Your photos are mesmerizing! I also love beach hopping. Do you have a blog about Dumaguete or Bayawan, Negros Occidental?

    1. Hi Joy,
      I havent blogged about Dumaguete..
      I read with your latest post, you are about to take your vacay in there.

    2. You should blog about Dgte. It's an amazing place to lurk into. Tag me if you have a Dgte post. I'd love to share it. :)

  3. Wow! What a beautiful place! God is really an amazing artist. I would definitely visit this place. :)

    1. This is very much great and hope fully nice blog. Every body can easily found her need able information. I am visit first time but I fond many use full article. I will back again when get time.

  4. The island is beautiful and it is perfect for snorkeling! I also love the pictures here.. :D

  5. hi!saw the nice! guys,want to try visitng northern part of luzon?try pangasinan.we have an almost virgin beach,with rock formations.even a cave.but not yet explored.interested,email me,

    1. Hello!

      were you referring to Bolinao..
      I have been there, and I intend to go back..
      I havent blog much about Pangasinan really.



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