Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oriental Mindoro | Beach Rockies From Puerto Galera

ORIENTAL MINDORO | Beach Rockies From Puerto Galera 
Long Exposure Sunrise Photos

These are some of the first photographs I have taken with my new Neutral Density (ND) Filter. Though it had been a couple of weeks since I started lugging it in my camera bag, demanding its own space being a specialized filter. My verdict is, that the ND filter lived up to its purpose and I love it.

ND filter has many uses and the one that I wanted to try is capturing movement in water, or in this case since I am in the beach, it would make the surface of the water silky giving it a dreamy look. Photographing rocks without the filter is really a challenge, capturing the textures and maintaining its sharpness, not to mention the water with its constant movement is not very pleasant to look at in a frame. With the use of ND Filter, I get to try long exposures under full daylight of the morning Sun. My only worry was how to make adjustments using Manual mode in the camera when the filter, a black glass as it is blocks the view. Turns out, I can go shoot to full slow shutter and even open the aperture levels and still get the images of the rocks as sharp without even the need to adjust its sharpness in editing.

As I explore more about landscape and travel, I realize that there is more for me to discover and enjoy, bringing fulfillment to this passion of seeing the world one frame at a time. This new filter that I am so crazy about makes me too eager to explore more of this beautiful country The Philippines, and like everyone else, I find it expensive but taking it one step at a time doesn't hurt, so this ND 400 filter at 9 f stops will be just one of the many that I'll start to collect from now on.

I hope you enjoy these prototype captures as I try to experiment with this approach to photography. Let me know your thoughts.

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