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Pasay | Shooting Fireworks

PASAY | Shooting Fireworks

If I have to be honest, shooting photos of Fireworks display is my least favorite of photographic assignments. As it is, Fireworks are a Night Sky spectacle meant to please a crowd, and these are some of the events that I prefer to be part of the crowd rather than standing behind the camera watching the sparks behind my view finder as I constantly adjust the shutter speeds and apertures of the camera.

These photographs were taken last year 2012, on the International Pyromusical Contest. One of my amateurish photography exploits, looking at them now, I can see how far I've went and develop my techniques. These are some of the moments that I have taken photos all in Manual Mode; it was such a challenge to shoot continuously while rapidly adjusting the camera's shutter speeds.

As anyone would understand, Fireworks is like an instant spark of light, a firecracker exploding in the sky that can be gone in an instant, just long enough to leave traces of light, an explosion of colors and formations that can leave any observer in awe of the event.

The challenge in photographing fireworks is that you have to be on the constant alert; there are moments that the sky would be too bright that the photo becomes too exposed. Trying to capture the spark trails requires stability because the shutter has to be just slow enough to capture them, so if you don't have your tripod with you then you can forget taking these photographs, which also goes for camera phones. A good vantage point is part of the requirements, otherwise, you can't put a place in this night spectacle, and you will end up having abstract looking photos than a true fireworks display.

Most the photographs I'm sharing here show the crowd before me as the foreground. It would have been better if it was above water, like the Manila Bay of SM Mall of Asia, but as such, you also have to deal with the gathering crowds, and as you can see here; most of them are holding digicams and cellphones above their heads. The other option available then is to take portraits of people while the fireworks lit up their faces. Capturing facial expressions of people enjoying the show is very rewarding but all the more challenging.

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