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Zambales | Golden Hour Photos From Zambales

ZAMBALES | Golden Hour Photos From Zambales

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”  - Ansel Adams

Experiencing Golden hours when I travel is not very common. Some people may refer to it as Magic Hour describing the first or last hours on Sunrise or Sunset. But on my experience, there are certain situations that may differ a Magic hour from another, hence, I use colors to describe them.

The usual Magic Hour, I personally call it the Blue hour. It occurs when weather is relatively clear, with a little cloudy to clear sky. It’s a regular occurrence in the Philippines especially during dry season. One can take photographs from high vantage points like roof tops of towers in Makati City, or the early morning Sunrise in Beaches like Puerto Galera in Mindoro. Take long shutter release photos and notice the cool temperatures in the photo in different shades of blue.

The Golden Hour, as I term it occurs after a turbulent or rainy weather has pass. So this normally happens during wet season. Usually, after a rainy night or a rainy afternoon when the weather starts to clear, golden hour happens. On Sunrises, it can happen when you actually missed the actual sunrise, and you see that the sun is already there when the rain stopped, covered by heavy clouds. It is similar in Sunsets in a way when the rain stops, and rain clouds still looms overhead, but the golden rays of the sun strikes the clouds, bathing them in interesting shades of yellow and red. Rain clouds looking more interesting than the usual bore and foreboding omen that it is. Capturing Sunrise's or Sunsets in ambient light can be a real fun and rewarding.

This is how I differentiate such experiences, may it be the Blue or Golden hour. Photos taken at these hour had been a staple for my own brand of photography and is something that I seek to accomplish in every location I visit, may it be Sunrise or Sunset.
Hope you would enjoy my photos below as I enjoyed taking them

Drift woods by the beach.
Shadows and silhouettes of pine trees and beach fences.
Long shot of the long abandoned break water project. A great place for sunset viewing in Liw-liwa, San Felipe, Zambales.
Are we lovers or are we friends..
Gravel quarries and trucks along the beach.
Breakwaters and fishing boats.
Of Pine trees and the sunset..

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