Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mountain | Sunset Photos While Climbing Mt Gulugod Baboy

MOUNTAIN | Sunset Photos While Climbing Mt Gulugod Baboy

The first mountain for me to climb, and glad I did one Saturday afternoon in the middle of February. I've read about just every niceties you can attribute to the lovely summit of Mt Gulugod Baboy, its sinuous landscape providing a 360 degree views of the surrounding terrain which is mostly bodies of water and rolling peaks of mountains, it also means that the place offers a beautiful view of the Sunset and Sunrise from opposite direction so it a perfect campsite to experience outdoors.

These are but some of the photographs I've taken while making my ascent to the Summit. We timed it that our arrival would be perfect for viewing the Sunset as we see it over Batangas strait and the small Sombrero Island. All the while, I kept looking back while hiking. Who wouldn't? This mountain takes only about 30 minutes to hike without the weight of gears, but can be challenging especially that we planned on camping in the slopes of the mountain. The weather feels like dropping a rain, but it didn't. We were graced by rain clouds that blanketed the entire horizon, making an awe inspiring view of the Sunset with the Sun's rays, the changing colored horizon and the cold breeze blowing gently.

We pitched our tents on a ridge overlooking the great Sunset. It added to the feeling of accomplishment, though Mt Gulugod Baboy is fairly easy, being a witness to some of Batangas scenic spot for Sunset viewing, this place caps it all off. And I was content to bid farewell to the sun as it wink its last light in the distant horizon.

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  1. Your photographs that you have taken during your ascent are marvelous. Mt Gulugod Baboy is a superb area to see the sunset. I especially like your camping picture. The best thing about this is that the trail is very easy because you are just going straightforward until you have reached the peak of the Gulugod Baboy Mountain. I’ll must go there with my friends to enjoy this summer after my bus tours from los angeles. We will do camping over there and must capture the beauty of this area.


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