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Bulacan | Wild Flowers Of Mt Manalmon

BULACAN | Wild Flowers Of Mt Manalmon

Mt Manalmon is a hill in San Miguel, Bulacan. A place of wonder for people who like the outdoors. Being that Bulacan is a province north of Metro Manila, this is an easy getaway especially for a weekend if you like to do a day hike exploration. Mt Manalmon though by standards is just a hill,  its terrain and the surrounding topography including scenic rivers and caves is a delightful soiree. As is for me, an amateur mountaineer, this place was a good place for the culminating activity of the Basic Mountaineering Course I attended with Sykes Outdoor. This was really more of an opportunity to travel that I grabbed, and more so that its a work sponsored activity, it was a treat to explore nature while spending less.

Doing nature treks like this gives mean opportunity to photography beautiful things while trekking, like taking photos of wild flowers along the trail. These blossoms were only a handful of the photos I took, taking photos in this manner allows me to appreciate these flowers without plucking them, and of course I didn't spend most of my time ogling behind the camera. Reminiscing the moment of seeing them is a far more better experience, especially those pink and white blossoms that look like cherry blossoms or like Sakura from Japan. Honestly, I haven't seen Cherry Blossoms up close, but if they look a lot like these then I am sure they are very beautiful.

This white blossoms were hiding in the shade, near the summit of Mt Manalmon. I was extra careful with taking some shots as there are wasp buzzing around the bush full of this flowers.

The littlest flower, perhaps one of the most common wild flower that you can see in this country.

The Pink Cherry Blossoms, the same as the White Blossoms except that the petals are pink. Beautiful and eye catchy even from afar, and this one I took in the very summit of Mt Manalmon basking in the sun. I have a theory that the reason why this is Pink is because it gets all the sunlight it can, while the White was because its under the shadows of taller trees.

The White Blossoms

The Pink Blossoms

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