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Food Trip | Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (Kapitolyo)

Food Trip | Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (Kapitolyo)
The Best Affordable Gourmet Breakfast Serving

Daring and Unconventional, that is how I will describe Kanto Freestyle Breakfast because the propreitors dared to serve food in their own backyard, but instead of serving Carinderia Food to serve locals, they did it with flare serving gourmet style. Great appetizing food, affordable and served in a banketa in Mandaluyong. Now they had set up a new branch in the same tradition in Kapitolyo Pasig, with a much wider space occupying a households parking space, still in their backyard.

Batangas Beef Tapa - Php 90.00
Sided with bakes tomato with Pesto made this a perfect Pinoy Style breakfast.

Lucky I received the invitation to try their new branch before their formal opening in January 16, 2014. Though these were taken January 11, 2014, they hadn't formally opened the branch at this time. The much wider space is better compared to the sidewalk in their Mandaluyong branch, but with the same flare for gourmet food servings. The service is okay though I didn't expect much, as per the proprietor, the serving staff are not really trained, and most are working students, except perhaps the Kitchen Crew who prepared and thought about the menu. Good food, that is what to expect in Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.

Time to get Kantofied. Visit Kanto Freestyle Breakfast and try their great food.

Breaded Porkchop - Php 90.00
I'm not really a fan of anything breaded, especially fried. So I skipped this one.

Omellete on Toast - Php 80.00
This Omellete is already good without the toast. Just thought that the bread should have been placed on the side, as it is the juices dripped on it.

Fish Fillet - Php 70.00
Surprisingly, for a breaded serving. This taste really good, just enough saltiness partnered with the dip that I just can'tget enough of. The tanginess of the fish meat is perfectly fried.

Deep Fried Cloud 9 - Php 50.00
This is a Kanto Freestyle Original dish, our local Cloud 9 chocolate inside a fried breading. Was told that this is originally Snickers bar, but that would make it pricey, besides, the caramel in Cloud 9 is already a perfect alternative.

Deep Fried Oreo - Php 50.00
Another taker and original, Oreo fried with pancake as breading.

Kanto Super Club - Php 90.00
The Clubhouse Sandwich, its as oily as it looks. Though I really like the use of thick Cheddar cheese.

Oh well, Otazu of The Traveling Panda was with us all this time to taste all this dishes.

Dining tables and chairs set up in the garrage area.

The Menu
Note: There is a 5% service charge on top of the prices.

On The Map

How To Get There? I am not really familiar with the area so I can't help with driving instructions. For Landmarks though, get to Shaw Blvd, in Capitol Commons. Start with entrance where Starbucks in Capitol Commons is located, cross the blvd to Shell to West Capitol Dr, turn right from the first corner then turn left to 1st Street, at about 20 meters into the residential area you'll find the tarpaulin banner for Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in their gate. For referrence, you can follow the "X" marked on the map I posted above.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Kapitolyo
1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Store Hours: 8:00am - 12:00mn (24hrs delivery via 4402268)
Twitter: @kantobfast
Instagram: @kantobfast

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  1. hahahaha, kasama si Utazo sa picture...

  2. those are yummy foods plus the name sounds awesome as it is very catchy and easy to remember by everyone! now it is time for me to eat my breakfast haha

  3. The food's good compare to International Food Chain of Restaurants, and I think service's superb too. Kanto Freestyle must think of other ways to spread all throughout the Philippines for its expansion.

  4. My sister made wicked oreos like those deep fries oreos you had and it was so good! Yup, pancake mix and breading were used, too. :)

  5. The food they offer here looks very good and very enticing. I want to visit there someday, your photos make me want to leave right as of this moment.

  6. There are a lot of great food places in Kapitolyo. Their food looks great here.

  7. My husband and I enjoy simple food preparations like this and we're pretty much comfortable with informal settings so we're good to eat here.

  8. wow food looks really yummy and it seems like its affordable too!!

  9. What I love most about this is that the place looks so unassuming. But the food, gosh, so well presented and they look delicious too! :)

  10. This is a nice business idea plus they serve affordable food. I also like how they are presented. Would love to try the fried cloud 9! :D

  11. Their dishes looks super delicious in these shots!! especially the Batangas Beef tapa and the Omellete on toast! *drools* ♥

  12. Deep fried cloud-9 and deep fried oreo was something I didn't expect on their menu. Looking at the Batangas Beef tapa, make's me crave and miss more of our Filipino food.

  13. The food looks delicious and affordable: my cup of tea. Would love to try this when I go to Kapitolyo. Food trip with friends :D

  14. With the food that cost less than a hundred pesos, I say why not! :) It must be a delight to live near this place.

  15. It's "Snickers" not "Sneakers" bar. sapatos ba ung nasa dish?

  16. "households parking space, still in their backyard" mukhang hirap na hirap ka mag-Ingles ah

    1. Well Mr/Ms Anonymous,

      You obviously didnt get the pun.
      Thanks for your input though.
      I have excuses for what I wrote here, but I'd rather not explain.



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