Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bohol | Loboc Hanging Bridge

Day 1 continuation...

Now I expected something that looks fragile that I'd be scared to pass through with it.
This is not it. It's made of Bamboo, yes but its enforced with steel rods.
It doesn't sway much as well.

4rd Stop - After the Man-Made Forest

Loboc Hanging Bridge

Just me trying to have fun. Dunno why I got tricked into passing this bridge.

I assure you, I'm not scared. Choz! Lol!
I can swim, I'm a natural born water whore, but the river looks deep and very silent.

On the other side of the bridge.. Guess right, souvenir shops and kakanin stores.
I didn't know that I'm expected to buy something so I could pass.
Oh well, I bought key chains for my office mates who could only dream of traveling.
The bridge, it looks fragile as the pass is made of bamboo,
but it and the supporters are steel ropes. I'm reassured.
Behold, below is part of the famous Loboc River.

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