Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bohol | Tarsier Encounter

After lunch stop from Loboc River Cruise

Tarsier Encounter
A Photo Journey

Let's do the Tarsiernap

First time I've seen a Tarsier up close.
I immediately fell in love with them.
As much as I love how cuddly they are and how fragile.
I feel sad with this particular stop.

As is, when I visited this Tarsier Sanctuary
There're a lot of Asian Tourist Inside (I think they were Koreans)
As is with them, they made a lot of annoying noise.
They also try to poke the Tarsier's with a Cue Stick with food on it.

I feel for the creatures, as I know
Like me they're nocturnal. Char!

So they must be grumpy not being able to properly sleep when they have to.
If it were me, I would've wanted to see a Tarsier in the Wild.

Droopy Eyes, sleepy and clinging with his life on an ornamental plant.

Here they're, removed from their habitat and placed into an ornamental plant for everyone.
I'm trying so hard to bulge my eyes,
make it as round as that of a Tarsier.
Major Major Fail!!! Hahaha!

I can't compete with their cuteness.
Adorable and beautiful creatures.

I hope this picture will create a realization for us to save the Tarsiers.
Lets do the Tarsiernap!!

Other exotic animals are on display.
It almost feel's like I'm in a zoo.
I don't like Zoo's, it's is a place I've been avoiding for life.

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  1. Yes, we went to the same place. Your photos are way better though. And actually, you are as adorable as the tarsier, char! :))


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