Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bohol | Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills

What's so charming about Bohol is that the entire province is relying heavily on Tourism.
They have Man-made forest which is probably just a tree planting project years ago,
Huge Python called Prony which is obviously a pet my someone,
Or Tarsier sanctuary which is actually just a small hut where they kept some Tarsier's and other exotic animals for Tourist. If it wasn't included in the Package, I wouldn't bother to go to these places.
I'd rather look for Tarsier's in their Natural Habitat.
But as is, I want to explore the entire Island so here it goes.

As a child, I've only seen Bohol from a post card with the famous chocolate hills.
I remember asking my auntie if it's really a big chunk of chocolate.
My curiosity went ahead of me the I guess.
Now I can say that I've seen it, and no it's not a chocolate, but I guess its charming to keep that mind set.

1st stop is the famous Chocolate Hills
For ultimate back packers - Going to the actual Chocolate Hills is way off unless you sign up with a tour guide who will provide a vehicle to the place.
This is not easily accessible through normal public transport, it's possible, but this part is too secluded and people will expect you to have a guide of some sorts.
Almost on the top
On the way up, climbing one of the Hills. It's very tiresome so I need to make a stop after a few  steps.
Certification (Pagkilala), I honestly don't know what's written in there.
Literally hundreds of cone shape hills as far as I can see.
It's a real marvel to behold. 

It was a rainy morning at the Chocolate Hills, had to contend with what light  I could give.
Wishing well. Throw a coin in the well, make a wish and ring the bell.
The sounds is annoying though but it's not bad to try it.
It's like a viewing lounge on top, except that the viewers are cowering for shelter from the rain.
Dunno what's the purpose of this post here.
It's blocking the view, but well I make use of it.

I'd really like to have the perfect jump shot,
but my partner is too afraid I'd tumble  in the ravine.
Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'd settle for this one, at least.
See how many there are, and this is just one side of it.
On the way down, the rain just stop.
My spirit is a bit dampen.

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