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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sagada | Cave Connection Spelunking

SAGADA | Cave Connection Spelunking
Lumiang And Sumaging Adventure

Sagada is a very endearing place to visit, not only because of the scenic views that the Mountain Province has to offer, but for the strenuous activity that it caters to any adventurer that steps on its threshold. Eco friendly tours and a paradise of nature treks from below the ground to the upper most viewpoints. Sagada will not run short of expectation if you intend to exert some pent up energy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cebu | Discovering Malapascua Island

CEBU | Discovering Malapascua Island
Underwater Adventure

Cebu is a wonderful place, as such that it is also near to some of the most charming islands I have ever visited. It's not a secret that when I travel to some of the best known destination in the Philippines, I seek the one's with beautiful beaches, and those with opportunity for snorkeling adventure. I'm such a sucker for underwater fun ever since I learned to snorkel without wearing vest or flippers. That feeling of buoyancy while in water, the freedom to move freely without inhibitions, that moment when I hold my breath and dive down to get a closer look at some of the best coral reefs that we are proud of, these are just some of the junks I seek out. Bringing my own snorkeling gear, and the investment I made with an underwater camera over 6 months ago, I have become a witness to how pristine and fragile is our own backyard of underwater world.

Signing up for snorkeling activity while in Malapascua Island is a good past time other than lounging in it's sandy white sand beaches and watching lots of foreign back packers enjoy this laid back beach. I can't compare it to any other locations, it has a charm more on its own, I'm just taken aback by the realization that more foreign tourist would have known the historic island of Malapascua than the local one's like myself. The snorkeling activity is about 3 hours, hopping on 3 locations surrounding the island. At the end, you'd have made a full circle tour of the place with the finale at a place they call Marine Sanctuary. A sanctuary that is, about 20 feet deep and laden with some of the riches and most diverse coral gardens I've ever seen. 

These shots here are a lot more closer to shore, as the white sand creates a startling contrast against the colorful marine life. Snorkeling here is a standard rate of Php 1,500 as I am with 2 other friends, that makes it 500 for each of us. However, I got a discount of Php 150 because I'm using my own snorkeling gear. As part of the fees, the boatman rents the gear for the same amount. So if you have the intention of visiting Malapascua island off the coast of Cebu, better bring your own gear, saves you money and more so about the hygiene, one can't tell about who was that last person who had used that gear.

This photo above is shot in the final location, the Marine Sanctuary. It proved to be challenge for me, as Habagat is raging all across the Philippines, here I was, braving strong currents to enjoy this beautiful site.

I have heard of Malapascua, aside from fellow travel bloggers who had been here, but more to the publicity it garnered being synonymous to divers as haven for Thresher sharks.

It's best to visit the island, when you are with many friends tangling along. As is, the fee I paid for the snorkeling is already overpriced at Php 350 considering that we've only visited 3 sites.

More of discovering Malapascua in my upcoming post, How to get there, What to do and the accommodations. Remember that you don't have to spend much in here, the island is a back packers haven, very friendly to a Pinoy working class like myself.

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Batangas | The Off Beaten Springs Of Tanauan

BATANGAS | The Off Beaten Springs Of Tanauan
Of Water Springs In Lush Foliage

A second home, close to my heart. For the last 5 years, I've been coming back and fort in Tanauan  Batangas whenever there is family celebrations, my relatives never forgets to let me take part in it. My uncle lives in Tanauan with his family, and one of the things that endears me to visit every one's in a while is that there home is right before one of Batangas many fresh water rivers. Its a water spring covered in otherworldly lush greenery. It's also a communal place where residents come down to spend family time, either swimming, washing clothes or even camp at night. Normally, my cousin's like to come with me when I decide to take a dip in the cool spring waters. But this time, it was too early in the morning. I have not much time for a leisure swim, so I brought my camera instead. Today's morning exercise would be an hour of trekking the banks of the river on my own.

Just coming down the valley, on a clay wall that's turns slippery muddy after a rain is already a challenge. But it's still too early, sunshine won't be due after 30 mins. As it is, Tanauan is very cold at night even during summers, and can be very hot on a midday. This little falls is the first sight to behold when I reached the bottom of the valley. Probably just one of the many around here. Surprisingly, the spring has rocky bottom so the water is clear instead of murky. Nice thing, as it means that there are places with deep crevices.

Water is running constantly, making a calming sound on places with deep and shallow pools. Like a natural zen garden, its a very inspiring location, with rich foliage. I was soon covered in spider webs and my shorts wet at the bottom for constantly brushing on wet grass blades. I was easily lost in my own thoughts because I was alone. My imagination running wild, with my childhood fantasy's when I first watched the Jurassic Park movies. I was imagining gigantic reptiles or dinosaurs hidden in the foliage at a ready for a surprise attack. The setting on the movies are tropical islands of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar off the coast of Costa Rica. I can't be lost here can I? I followed the river upstream, the trails seemed endless, and it probably was.

I was deep in the riverside, but a sign of civilization never left me. People here are not dumping their garbage in the river, however, when the river gets flooded, along with flood are debris of garbage that gets deposited in the banks. Although, it's not much, this place needs a little clean up, or maybe just leave it as it is, because it means that no one has yet to place their attention to this location and decide to develop it for more visitors. It's an off beaten path after all.

Sweating as I trace my way back. I was surprise to find a few men washing clothes along the river banks. I have seen people doing chores in this place a couple of times, but mostly women. So I thought women will have their time probably later.

Makes shift huts are available for rent, and I realize its a Sunday. People would be coming down in a couple of hours for some family time. So for me, I was glad I took this refreshing morning walk early on. I found a new activity to look forward to on my next visit.

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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All Rights Reserved
Pala-lagaw reserves the right for any watermarked pictures posted
No pictures should be downloaded or copied without permission from the blogger.