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Friday, May 31, 2013

Islas de Gigantes | Antonia Island

ISLAS DE GIGANTES | Antonia Island
Gigantes Group Of Islands In Photos Virtual Tour

Yet another Twin Beach to explore, adjacent to the bigger Gigante Sur Island. As per our guide, Antonia (An-to-ni-ya) Island is actually private, whose local ownership has been passed on from generation to generation. We paid entrance for Php 20.00 per head, though without any resort or large imposing edifice, there is a small house place just before the rocky hill and a little hut (kubo) for Sari-Sari store. Like the main islands of Gigante Norte and Gigante Sur, electricity is somewhat a challenge, but the Sari-Sari store sells all sorts of refreshments including beer to visitors as they are kept cool with ice. Yet another realization, as there were mounds of Scallops shells along the beach, this can be a perfect Island to camp.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Islas de Gigantes | Tangke Natural Pool

ISLAS DE GIGANTES | Tangke Natural Pool
Gigantes Group Of Islands In Photos Virtual Tour

A secluded area along the Southern end of Gigante Sur Island in jagged Karst Rock Wall, Tangke Natural pool is a must visit attraction in Isla de Gigantes if you prefer a serene location surrounded by towering rocks. Aptly named as Tangke which by Hiligaynon language a Tank that holds a body of water, water tank per say. Tangke is actually a Natural Saltwater Lagoon bounded on all sides by rocks, giving it the look of a nicely done pool.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Isla de Gigantes | Cabugao Gamay Island

ISLA DE GIGANTES | Cabugao Gamay Island
 Gigantes Group Of Islands In Photos Virtual Tour

The photo above is perhaps the most photographed and Social Media posted location in Gigantes Group of Islands. Cabugao Gamay is a Hiligaynon term Cabugao for Pomelo, and Gamay for Small, but translates literally as a phrase "The smaller Cabugao Island." Adorned by a twin beach both of fine white sand, rocky hills on both ends that is subject for a little rock climbing with a scattering of Coconut trees lining inland and dividing the beaches on both sides.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Islas de Gigantes | Bantique Island Sandbar

ISLAS DE GIGANTES | Bantique Island Sandbar
Gigantes Group Of Islands In Photos Virtual Tour

Bantigue Island Sandbar is a first stop for island hopping if you coming from Gigante Norte Island. Some 15 to 20 minutes boat ride from Asluman's make shift pier. On initial approach, the distinguishable stretch of white sand is remarkable; I immediately I could imagine this place from above and would have loved to take an aerial view of the island.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Philippines Top Travel Blogs for 2013

Philippines Top Travel Blogs For 2013

I'd like to say that my blog is better and that is just me considering the hours I spent toiling with it. As a blogger we always have to start with something, as a Travel Blogger then, we change that something into a lot more, clearly by being able to take better travel photographs, writing engaging blogpost and travel more often. The latter is very important; a travel blogger would not be believable without personally experiencing the places and adventures that they are featuring. Hence, my hats off to a select number of travel bloggers that I personally follow well before I became one of them. While I can say I've been to a lot of places in the last couple of years, taking photographs and embracing culture, my efforts are easily dwarfed by these guys who are the personas behind some of the best travel blogs in the country today. Without much delay, here they are.

The Visual Entertainers
My travels are moored with the purpose of taking good photographs. As a photography enthusiast looking at these links always gives me the realization that I still have miles to waddle through my own brand of photography, but still, I look up to these guys for sheer awesomeness in travel photography.

Marcus Caratao |
Christian Lucas Sangoyo |
Ferdz Decena |
Oman Serapio |
Allan Barredo |

The Introspective and Most Sassy Writers
Now these next set of blogs are the ones that I read and enjoy thoroughly. It's not about photographs or travel guides, but for their undeniable talent that makes me want to read more. They're either poetic or just plain kick ass writer, now if you think these guys are hiding behind wide rimmed glasses, take their links and welcome a surprise. It's just a few among the many, but I'll give a little premise why I love them.

The Transcendental Tourist. Now this guy is a natural born poet. I've commented on his blogpost one's that his words make love with his photographs, and I meant it. What's more endearing is that he brings his Mom to his own travels and makes her the a central figure to his travel stories, now that's something I'd like to do knowing that my own Mom has given me so much and less for herself.

Here's a ray of light to the young mothers out there who wants to travel. Cool narratives, funny thought bubbles and the beautiful little princess she has in tow with her travel. You'd think it's easy to travel with a precocious child, but apparently she makes it happen, and not just on some quick weekend getaway but on a globetrotting level. 

I am a fan of this one, and you'll probably know why when you start to read her many blog posts. Honestly, most are very long narratives in Taglish, Kura claims it to be a personal niche that just morphed into a travel blog. I couldn't agree more, but I'm glad she does put into account her experiences, her side comments can sometimes bring me to tears because of laughing alone. Grammar Nazi's would have a field day with her writings, but who cares when you have the natural talent to make people laugh with your words.

I was a start up blogger when this lady made some headlines about her traumatic experience as an alleged drug trafficker in Bali Indonesia. She blogged extensively about the horrible experience which put into light the plight of Pinoy Travelers abroad. Bloggers can be nothing if they can't make some noise, but Chyng certainly made things clamour. I'm a follower and a fan since then.

Rogelio Gabiano Jr |
Short post, awesome photography and crisp writing skill, not to mention that Gabz is my regular travel buddy, I have hands down when it comes to his skill in writing, it's not really surprising if one is aware of his writing background, and he does copyrighting way better than I can. As always, all those travel tips and guides that he is posting are for real. I'm the daredevil who likes it spontaneous while he is the careful planner and strategists who make things happen. You'll certainly love his (mis)adventures, solo travels, travel photo Fridays and travel guides.

The Travel Guides And Daredevils
Now this next set are what you may consider as the ultimate backpackers who had contributed a lot to the places they've set foot, boosting tourism through their friendly travel guides and honest account of their adventures. May it be backpacking, hiking a mountain, island hopping's, cave spelunking, cliff jumping, diving or just plain headstand stunts in a beautiful beach, these guys are as daring as they come, not to mention that their travel guides are a must visit when planning itineraries and trips. You may have already come across these blogs if you have at one point tried to look up a place or target location in google. Check these out.

While I still insist that my blog is better, that is because it is mine. Knowing the rigors of maintaining a travel blog and keeping followers up to date, I fall behind these links. Surely there are more out there, if I could add more to a Top 15, so I've got it more than saturated. Certainly for my dear readers, these bloggers are some of those that are inspiring and entertaining at the same time. As I keep myself abreast with this time and age, with people needing to stretch their legs and widen their horizon, to fill their life with colorful travels, one will realize that it's not just about the aesthetics that you can enrich, but that this world is hopeful and adventures can be spelled with every twist of faith you can find along the road.

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mountain | Mt Manabu Travel Guide

MOUNTAIN |  Mt Manabu Travel Guide
Overnight Camp


Like a monarch standing proudly, Mt Manabu is part of the Malipunyo Mountain Range as one of its three major peaks. The trails are well established, easy and marked by up to 9 stations circling the mountain. Charming and friendly locals that helps keep climbers hydrated by their offerings of Buko juice along the way, even get a sample taste of kape Lowak or Alamid Coffee brewed by Mang Pirying and his brother Mang Pino while they offer a bargain of their own local coffee produce.