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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food Trip | Saboten of Glorietta 5

FOOD TRIP | Saboten of Glorietta 5
Raintree Restaurants of Makati

I'm no fan of Tonkatsu, perhaps because there is only a few Japanese restaurants around, and not many would specialize in serving Tonkatsu. Perhaps, it was due to a bad memory I have in ordering Tonkatsu from a Japanese Fast Food restaurant. I don't really like eating heaps of breading on fried dishes so I was a little apprehensive before stepping inside Saboten of Glorietta. On any regular day, I wouldn't consider having Tonkatsu for dinner; I guess I needed to be re-educated and Saboten is my rescue.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Food Trip | Kabila

FOOD TRIP | Kabila of Ayala Museum Complex
Raintree Restaurants of Makati

Few meters outside Kabila is the Greenbelt Park with Manmade pools filled with a lot of Koi fish that are fun to watch.

With nowhere else to go and not being in the mood for mall time, I stayed behind in Mr. Jones until we are ready for the lunch in Kabila. From Greenbelt 5 we practically strolled to Greenbelt 4, on its northern corner where the Ayala Museum Complex is situated. Kabila which roughly means the other side is in the same location as Museum Cafe, you could say that Kabila is on the other side of Museum Café, ingenious play of Filipino words. Passing through the greeneries of Greenbelt Park and manmade fish ponds full of Koi Fish of varying colors and sizes, I found Kabila to be rightfully placed along Makati Avenue. With the towering Shangri-La Hotel on the other side and the Ayala Museum right beside Kabila where a lot of people are milling about, its no question that this is right smack in the middle of Ayala Center itself. A priced real estate, I didn't need to bother asking Ms Michele Magtoto of the price they had to pay for store rights, she can't disclose them anyway.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Food Trip | Mr Jones of Greenbelt 5

FOOD TRIP | Mr Jones of Greenbelt 5
Raintree Restaurants of Makati

Used to working in night shifts, I’ve become a morning person that even on rest days and work leaves I would find myself waking up well before sunrise no matter how late I hit the sack the night before. Coffee keeps me sane and what will always start my day. The invitation from Will to join the day 2 of Makati Restaurant Tour came late but I didn’t miss it, scheduled on a fateful Saturday September 13, 2014. I had planned to make this a Do-Nothing-Day and make up for my sleep debts but food trips had always been a pleasant experience that I do since I became a travel blogger. It was tempting so I gave a big fat YES without much adieu.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Quezon | Pagbilao Grande Island's Kwebang Lampas

QUEZON | Pagbilao Grande Island's Kwebang Lampas
Kwebang Lampas Travel Guide

It had been months since the dry season (summer) in the Philippines passed for 2014. Yet, the finale beach camp trip I did with a few friends to Kwebang lampas of Pagbilao, Quezon still brings a vivid memory for me of a white sand beach cove. The towering Pagbilao Power Plant was an amalgamation amidst the rocky and green terrain, the scattered rain clouds of both days I was there, the sand that clings to my skin and the carefree banter of beach campers who are just too happy to be away from the bustle of Urban Manila; Kwebang Lampas was our refuge for this weekend. Even as light rains poured from time to time, telling us that this summer is soon over; as I lay alone inside my tent while people lounge by the beach side in drunken stupor; I could use a hug and a cuddle then, but I was never alone, not really.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mountain | Mt Palay Palay (Mt Pico de Loro) Travel Guide

MOUNTAIN | Mt Palay Palay (Mt Pico de Loro) Travel Guide
Mountain Climb Guide

 The Shape of a Parrot's Beak. the rock monolith and summit as seen in the saddle camp site.

Pico de Loro (Parrot’s Beak) refers to the Centerpiece Rock Monolith summit, named by Spaniards as they look out from their Galleons in Manila Bay. The form of a giant Parrot, Pico de Loro is part of the Mt Palay-Palay Mountain Range and traverses 2 municipalities from different provinces south of Manila which is Ternate of Cavite and Nasugbu of Batangas.