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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Caramoan | Shell Ladies Of Manlawi Sandbar

CARAMOAN | Manlawi Sandbar And The Shell Ladies
The Sands, The Tides, And The Shell Ladies

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Capiz | Santa Monica Church Of Pan-ay

CAPIZ | Santa Monica Church Of Pan-ay
An Old Parochial Church And A Big Bell

Municipality of Pan-ay is a silent small town with rich Spanish colonial history. It's a coastal town found on the eastern side of the provincial capital Roxas City and a good 20 minutes jeepney ride, snaked all across it as a National Highway that links all the municipalities on the eastern side of Capiz. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roxas City | A Night Stroll In Baybay Beach

ROXAS CITY | Baybay Beach At Night
A Seafood Haven And Beautiful Night On Full Moon

Being that Roxas City, Capiz is the city of my birth. I know this place by heart, like the back of my hand. My fondest memories, shared with friends and family, and being that the 11 km Baybay Beach is very close to the city, citizens of Roxas City are never deprived of enjoying a quick fix beach outing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leap Of Faith | Got Hit By Travel Bug

Got Hit By Travel Bug
Leap Of Faith | What Makes Traveling Worth It

Take the leap, maybe not be the apt word as a statement for why I travel. But travelling, overcoming boundaries and witnessing wonders afforded to those whose willing get out of their comfort zone, it's how travelling changed me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Roxas City | A Day In The Seafood Capital

March 07. 2012
First time for me to blog about my hometown. As is, I only go home once a year as it's not really practical to do this when I get a long work leave. First off, a homecoming vacation is actually more expensive than any of my trips, more so because I have to bring some snippets for my siblings, and bring back some more back home. But when I do, I make sure I get the most of my time. Roxas City is just perfect for my purpose, time seems to freeze in here, and 24 hour day would feel like 48 hours. Since I arrived yesterday, my parents only fed me Seafood which bought fresh from Roxas City's wet market Theodoro Arcenas Trade Center (TATC). I vowed to be on a diet, but I think I can't get away with it for now. 

The sooner I got off the plane, and smell the air. I knew I was home, the salty tang on the air is my welcome party. Just along the airport, we were greeted by a chorale singing songs in Hiligaynon! I'm really home, people are now talking in my home language and I'm being addressed in it.

I thought I was ready, went to gym many times than usual in the last 2 weeks so I'd be physically fit. Yet after a day here, I've grown my tummy from overeating. Can you help it of you were me? upon arrival yesterday at lunch time my Dad (Papa) bought Sinigang since they didn't have time to cook, its was a big fish the sooner I much on it, I forgot what it was called already. These big fishes here are aplenty and the local names make my head spin. My dinner was a humongous grilled Milkfish and my breakfast earlier today were a set of fat Alimango (Crabs). I purposely told my Mom, I'd be out for lunch, at least so I could skip it. But then I'd be meeting with few friends in a couple of hours, we could be eating Talaba (Oysters) along Bay-bay Beach with beers on hand. I hope not to overeat, haist! If you where me can you help it?

The photo above was taken last year, same time I had my summer vacation.
Its in Baybay Beach. Roxas City is quite proud of this black sand beach.

Travel Notes features my thoughts while on the road. It's a mirror of my current state of mind, impressions of the places I go through, these are snippets of my first hand experiences while traveling.

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