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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Falls | Bunga (Twin) Falls Of Nagcarlan

FALLS | Bunga (Twin) Falls Of Nagcarlan
A Side Trip to Climbing Mt Mabilog

A refreshing side trip after climbing a mountain. The visit to Bunga Falls of Nagcarlan in Laguna was mainly for us who just trek the muddy trails of Mt Mabilog to freshen up before going back to Metro Manila.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mountain | Mt Mabilog, The 5th Mountain

MOUNTAIN | Mt Mabilog, The 5th Mountain
Post Climb - Fun Weekend With Chasing Adventures Club

The 5Th mountain, sounds like a title of a novel but not much significance really, this is just how I track the Mountains I climbed this year, it only means that Mt Mabilog was my 5th Mountain. By doing so, I can easily mark them, not minding if I might try climbing the same mountain. As compared to other outdoor enthusiast, the frequency of my climbs are very slow, maybe because of certain preference that I have to consider before I say go or pass on an invitation. Mt Mabilog for me was a huge go when I received an invitation to join a weekend climb by JPMC adventure club called Chasing Adventure.