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Monday, December 31, 2012

Zambales | Surfing In Crystal Beach

ZAMBALES | Surfing In Crystal Beach
Surfing And Chilling

This would be a proud post but not yet a year ender of 2012. Proud that I am progressing much in learning to surf. On my count, this would be the 3rd time, though twice for this year that I went on the road to surf. A month prior to this unscheduled trip to Zambales, I went to Baler, Aurora simply to conquer its waves, and that's were this slow burning passion really kindled. Its easy to chase waves, knowing that it takes special conditions like the weather and time of the year, plus the location itself. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bolinao | Scenic Rock Formations

BOLINAO | Scenic Rock Formations
A Place For The Sun To Bid Farewell For Today

Perhaps this is the place to look forward to when visiting Bolinao, Pangasinan. This is a photograpers delight even to an amateur photo enthusiast like myself. I've got no ND Filter to capture photos in slow shutter in a harsh daylight of mid afternoon, but perhaps my CPL filter is just enough as it captured huge waves crashing through the rocky shoreline in action while removing any harsh reflections in the water. I would have wanted to wait untill sunset, but alas with traveling, the best of places are always there except time to linger for more waiting for just that perfect moment. As I have observed in these last few days, Bolinao has some of the most scenic sunsets to behold. Located in the country's western seaboard, figuratively facing the so called West Philippine Sea where the sun ussually bids farewell to the locals from here.

Standing at the edge of a grassy rock cliff overlooking a part of the Cape Bolinao. The crashing waves are more powerful than they look in the photo that the sound they create can be heard from a distance.