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Monday, September 26, 2016

Baguio | Old Diplomat Hotel, Shadows and Shades Lurking

BAGUIO | Diplomat Hotel, Shadows And Shades Lurking
Haunted Photographic Haven

Joey, my travel companion just stepped out for a few minutes, says that he feels the place to be a bit confining. Just so for me, I found a good subject standing just outside the door.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Batangas | Sunset Viewing In Mt Naguiling

BATANGAS | Sunset Viewing In Mt Naguiling
Photography Feature Post

The best sunset Photo I took from the campsite of Mt Naguiling.
Mt Naguiling is the highest peak in the Lobo-San Juan Mountain of Batangas at 1,007 MASL. One of the places I’ve hiked and camped to earlier this year 2016. 

Quezon | Retreat At Bangkong Kahoy Valley

QUEZON | Retreat At Bangkong Kahoy Valley
In Photos

Nestled between two mystical mountains Holy Mt Banahaw and The Devil’s Mt Cristobal which are said to have opposing energies like yin yang, this place is referred to as Bangkong Kahoy (Wooden Bench) Valley in Dolores Quezon.