Sunday, April 29, 2012

Manila | Manila Skyline From Astoria Plaza

MANILA | Manila Skyline
As Seen From Astoria Plaza, Ortigas

It has become as regular fitting for a team building activity, that instead of going somewhere on an out of town trip, why not staycation. Initially, I didn't approve of this, as is, I still prefer going out of town, visiting places or enjoy the beach. But I have to consider that unlike me, most of my team mates are married with kids and has residence just within the metro. A staycation is perfect for their setup, after all, this is supposed to be a team building. For us as a team working on a common goal, I conceded, but I didn't  regret that I did.

A Saturday before the holy week commence, with my team lead being a member of an exclusive club for the silver crowne Astoria Plaza, we stayed overnight. I never thought it would be much fun. Photographing the views from the 21st floor residential suite, seeing the Ortigas Business District from high perspective would be this nice.

This is not the first time I've photograph the Manila Skyline, I've bagged the Makati Night Skyline by making a trip to Burgundy Corporate Tower Helipad with a tripod and my Nikon D3000. This time though, the Ortigas Skyline Pictures are all handheld, but it was nice to know that my Nikon D5100 was able to handle this long exposure without much blur from my shaking.

Since our stay was just over night, I've taken pictures at different time of the day. I'm not promoting Astoria but rather I appreciate how the Metropolis of Manila looks like from a different perspective. People like me who work in these business districts would on more occasion than not overlook to appreciate these afforded scenes. As an amateur photographer though, I like watching the traffic from a higher perspective, I like shooting high rise towers rising straight and skyward but would appear to curve at an angle in the camera. 

The blurs of the street lights, even the visible smog that envelopes the city every morning. Makes you wonder about human ingenuity, building sizable cities, feeling the hubbub of the metro, breathing with activity all through the night. The sulfur lights creating the red streaks of the traffic below.

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  1. ang ganda... i've never done staycation... kelan kaya ako makakapag-check in dyan... :)

  2. wow! i didn't realize Manila could be that beautiful, lol! the pictures look like a dream..

  3. You still consider yourself an amateur photographer? Really? I've visited your pages quite a number of times now, and to me, all of your photos have been captured like a pro. =) And of, love Astoria too, especially their signature green couches and mirrors! =)

  4. Metro Manila always looks lovelier in bird's eye view than on street level, hehe. Nice photos there, not obvious that you didn't use a tripod. Di ka siguro pasmado. I'm terrible with night shots without a tripod!

  5. great shots, I wish one day I could take pictures like this. WHat time did you take this...bakit walang smog? heheh

  6. wow ang ganda! I have not been to manila for quite a while, would love to take a shot of Manila Skyline too.. hopefully soon! It's really quite hard to organize a company activity outside the city specially if overnight, most moms/dads won't be able to come. So usually we just go somewhere very close to our workplace.. good thing we are in Subic so we always stay in the beach.. ;)

  7. The growing commercial buildings in Manila are signs of how the place has progressed tremendously. I've been there in 1986 and our of those 26 years or for 2 decades, amazing things already are happening in the highly urbanized city of Manila.

  8. ang ganda ng pinas.. parang ang peaceful sa macro level! .. makes me miss pinas more!

    love your shots! sulit ang staycation! :)

  9. There are people who are blessed with an eye for photography.
    Even if they don't consider themselves, professional on this field.

    GREAT SHOTS you have here and you just captured the city's finest view.

  10. Manila is beautiful through your lens.:)

  11. 3rd to the last photo - grabe lang yung smog

  12. Hays hanggang pangarap na lang ako wala ako work kaya wala akong pangbayad sa hotel para mag staycation, sana sinama mo kami Francis;-P!

    Ang galeng mo talaga sa photography dapat mag seminar ako sa inyo, turuan mo ako anong ISO dapat gamitin ko para ma achieve ko ang ganyan kagandang picture Francis!

  13. Wow, Pala-lagaw has captured Manila! ^_^
    Your photos show that pollution is already covering
    the capital of the Philippines. The blue skies and
    the mushrooming buildings are separated by the smog.

    Perhaps or for sure, we cannot see it when we are in
    the place but as seen from afar, it is a threat to our health and environment. [Feeling environmentalist! ^_^]

  14. ang ganda naman...parang nasa ibang bansa lang.

  15. I've been longing to do a skyscape myself be it daytime or at night. Did they allow you to shoot at a rooftop or from the window of your room only?

  16. I'm quite curious to see more of Astoria. Haha!

    I like the second to the last pic :)

  17. staycation! The place looks really nice. prang nasa abroad eh! :D sana mkpag staycation ako on my birthday!

  18. mkakapunta din ako dito hihihi


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