Friday, November 16, 2012

Aurora | Diguisit Islets

AURORA | Diguisit Islets
A Scenic Place, Beautiful And Romantic In Its Own Way

The salty estuarine spray, the windy afternoon on a grey cast sky, of men fishing with rods on the edge of rocky shore, the non stop music of water splashing on the rocky edge, of golden pebble like sand and of evading the gatekeeper to avoid paying an entrance fee of Php 10.00 these moments makes me remember this short visit to the nice islets of Diguisit in Aurora Province.

Our friendly, young tricycle driver is in the photo above, showing his melancholic side. Glad to have meet him for this day, and of this he never knew that he became a subject of my photograph.

The rocks, they look nice and otherworldly, a stunning contrast from the surrounding beach where people gather, binging on food while in a drunken stupor, the laughter's carried in the wind and drowning somewhere. It was a laid back ordinary Sunday, and I was in the middle of it, lugging my heavy camera while constantly wiping away bits of sea spray as I take into perspective a possible unique view of these islets by the beach. You see, these rocks had been put into a digital photo many times over by other visitors  who fall prey to its romanticism. I fell short, as I romance the place with words to describe it. The tricycle ride I hired for this trip had become backbreaking while exploring the entire area for a day. But never had I fell short of enthusiasm, not when there is a world to see before me, could be a grain of sand or as huge as these islets with their stunted trees on top, swaying with wind and defying all odds to stay put in its solitary confinement.

I have to agree, it had been a beautiful day, except perhaps that the rain is looming over and is about to engulf the whole of Aurora and the town of Baler in this late afternoon. I've been running away from rain for the most part of my early adult life, so I thought for now I'll let it drench me, just too sad I'm worried for my camera that had serve yet again for this day.

This is just one other photographic adventure, one place to check off the bucket list. A good place to cap off a day, when exploring Baler and Aurora Province. But if I continue to think of it as such, I would loose perspective of what is in front of me. It was a scenic place, beautiful and romantic in its own way.

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  1. This looks like a good place to take pictures of the sea. ^_^

  2. parang pag ako ang pumunta dito, pipirmi lang ako sa isang lugar na nakajacket or wind-breaker at payong para all-weather na.haha. looks like a very ragged coastline. very nice nga for pictures =)

  3. ganda!

    u are lucky to see those spectacular views :-)

  4. nice photographs. are there any tourists there or any activities of any kind there? picnics? sunbathing? buildings?

  5. Scenic place. Moody, gloomy atmosphere. I'd like to go here sometime.

  6. Ang ganda ng lugar, pang adventurous people, nakikita ko lang yang mga ganyang lugar sa mga pelikula. Nakakamangha yung rock formations.

  7. Wow... so many great places to visit here in Pinas... Astig talaga! Nice one!


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