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Islas de Gigantes | Tangke Natural Pool

ISLAS DE GIGANTES | Tangke Natural Pool
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A secluded area along the Southern end of Gigante Sur Island in jagged Karst Rock Wall, Tangke Natural pool is a must visit attraction in Isla de Gigantes if you prefer a serene location surrounded by towering rocks. Aptly named as Tangke which by Hiligaynon language a Tank that holds a body of water, water tank per say. Tangke is actually a Natural Saltwater Lagoon bounded on all sides by rocks, giving it the look of a nicely done pool.

The photo above is where the entrance to Tangke Natural Pool is located.

Swim in Tangke and gaze into the breathtaking rock formations around you. The rocks adorned with green floras, and it is even said that native Macaque monkeys reside in its thick foliage.

The discovery of this natural pool was made by a local of Gigante Sur who dared to climb the low hanging rocks along the entrance. Standing on the rocks, he beholds before him a lagoon almost as big as an Olympic sized swimming pool. He went home spreading the news of a nice "Tangke" he discovered that is a good spot to relax and swim, hence the name Tangke came to be of this natural saltwater pool.

The boatman is trying so hard to help maneuver the boat and avoid collision from other boats amidst the clash of high tidal waves.

The entrance to the pool is a challenge especially since boats will be coming up from an open sea and get it moored on a rocky cliff instead of a flat shoreline. Just finding a good spot to anchor the boats requires skillful handling, especially if there are many boats trying to get inside. I got impatient, and my tour guide asks a dare if I would swim instead, so I wore my snorkeling gear and jump into the open water without a life vest. The lady at the entrance who is collecting donations said that my entrance was way much cooler, well I'm going to swim anyway, but I wouldn't suggest this stunt to faint hearted visitors, it's just me since I don't need a second prodding from a dare.

The pool calls for me, that though the Sun is high above, reflecting hot glares on the water that without a CPL filter, it may be impossible to take a landscape photo of the lagoon. It's me with my photographic dilemma since most of the guests are content on taking photo after photo of their own portraits as much as they can.

Another trivia worthy of notice is that this place is sacred to the locals, due to its almost uninhabitable location, the Tangke Natural pool is covered legends and mysticism. The place is believed to be home to Supernatural beings (Engkantos) that needs to be left alone in their own solitude. I don't really think its necessary to caution guest to be quite as the place itself has that calming effect that would put a jittery visitor into a relaxed state of mind. Unless making noise is intentional in disturbing the surrounding peace, who would want to disturb a quite swim in these calming waters. 

 The make shift walkway, to help the guest avoid the sharp edges of the limestone's.

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Isla de Gigantes group of islands comprises mainly of Gigante Norte and Gigante Sur as its major volcanic islands with scattering of islets around it. Located in the western part of the Visayan Sea and approximately 18 kilometers Northeast off the mainland of Panay. The islands belong to the political domain of Municipality of Carles, Iloilo Province.

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  1. Hmmm.., interesting! Parang sa Coron yung terrain

    1. Hi iAn..

      They look very similar, just like many other groups of islands in the country. The feel is different though. Isla de Gigantes has its unique charm. Coron though is still for me among the top places for island hopping. :)

    2. And then napadpad ako dito last July..

      Care to exchange links Francis?

  2. wow! this is incredible!! sending this links to my foreign frends though its far I am sure they would love to be in here and I am proud that we have this in philippines and you did a great job with the photos!

  3. Luckily, there arent many foreign visitors here. Perhaps the daring backpackes would dare.

    Thanks for visiting Maryjane!

    1. I just came across your blog and reading your beautiful words. I thought I would leave my first comment but I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

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