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Falls | Bunga (Twin) Falls Of Nagcarlan

FALLS | Bunga (Twin) Falls Of Nagcarlan
A Side Trip to Climbing Mt Mabilog

A refreshing side trip after climbing a mountain. The visit to Bunga Falls of Nagcarlan in Laguna was mainly for us who just trek the muddy trails of Mt Mabilog to freshen up before going back to Metro Manila.

It was raining during our arrival at the site of this esteemed twin falls in Nagcarlan. Having just finished visiting the Historic Crypt or Underground Cemetery also in Nagcarlan, only made us more eager to witness what this waterfalls have in store for us, more so, it’s already early afternoon and we are due to take our delayed lunch so we decided to have it here. Since I have this habit that if I am not the one who plans the trip, then I’ll just ride along, so I won’t have reservations about what I can expect. Hence, it came to me as a surprise that this is actually a twin fall of about 15 meters in height, bounded in most sides by a thickly forested area. The waters are cold and the loud cadence of the splashing waters marks the location even from half a kilometer away.

A perfect place to gather around family outings, that has a much more preference to natural waterfalls than swimming in manmade pools of private resorts. Cottages are situated along the banks of the water basin, rocks of many sizes and shapes scatter everywhere creating water pools and bubbles that our great to photograph.

After paying an entrance of Php 5.00 we took a short walk on what looks like a river bank, with stones and paved stairs that lead us directly to the basin. It was raining, so everything was bath in colors of grey, the waters are greenish muck, but surprisingly, it is clear, especially the waters flowing down from above the waterfalls. A dip in the freshwaters and this is a just reward. I was actually surprise to see some of the campers we were with Mt Mabilog were already here; one’s coming from other groups. The cottages are a make shift hut that is lined to surround the waterfalls like boxes in the opera theater. Cottages are for rent at Php 200.00 for an all day affair, for swimmers, floaters are also for rent, what we refer to a Salbabida. This is a freshwater natural pool, and the basin is deep, so it’s advisable to watch over children swimming.

Nagcarlan Laguna can be a long shot coming directly from Manila, but it can be a very good side trip after climbing mountains within the area.

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  1. Hello Sir!
    salamat sa pag bisita.
    Nung pag side trip namin dito maulan eh, kaya walang videoke, pero marami din naman tao.
    medyo konti lang ang naligo kasi malamig.

  2. Lovely photos. I want to go these kind of places kaso nakakatakot maligo ang lalaki ng bato :O

  3. whoah~! beautiful pictures you have. kulang na lang may lalabas na diwata ^^

  4. omg! those shots it looks incredible! if i just know how to do and how to take some photos of this! the serenity of the water is there!

  5. So this is the Bunga Falls my friends insists that I visit whenever I am in Sta. Cruz Laguna. Maganda nga.

  6. Nature at its best :) Pristine waters and serene forest. Hope I'll be able to visit here too!

  7. Hi Francis. Can i use your picture for my article on Chasing waterfalls in Laguna? Ang ganda kasi ng shots. Thanks


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