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Food Trip | Stacy's, BGC

FOOD TRIP | Stacy's, Bonifacio Global City
Pink And Dainty

It was an after shift rave on a weekend. Like every regular corporate junkie, I look forward to weekends so I could let loose some of the stress that had accumulated over the course of the week. As for me, it's mostly the lack of sleep for working night shift. Good food is a good comfort everywhere, and certainly my team (Team Gwapo) knows how to appreciate good food and great ambiance.

It's feels as if we are always on the hunt for a good place to dine early in the morning, and we never go to the same place twice knowing that Metro Manila will never run short of anything new or not to be missed joints. BGC is near my place, so I do not think this will be the last I would dine in Stacy's, the good experience makes this worth returning to after all. 

Feeling The Ambiance
On this fateful Saturday morning, we arrived 30 too early so we have to spend some time strolling around Burgos Circle of BGC,  and the mind museum. When the lady finally flipped the open card in the door, we were the first to step in, and started basking in the pleasant colors that the place is made into. Just like a little girls playground, pastels and floral prints, some DIY decors and miniature cars that reminded me of the displays in Rustan's.

The light is well lit and diffused so it spreads evenly, they also made good use of the natural light filtering through the windows, I feel the vibe of stepping into someones doll house. Once seated, we were greeted by a smiling lady speaking fast English with an accent reminiscent of the middle class, a reminder that this can be an English Only Policy zone hahaha! I dare not bare my English fangs, after all my work pays a premium for it, so I don't show off knowing I won't get paid by doing so.

Photo taken with a bounce flash, the right side of the picture is the ambient light with warm colors.

The smiling lady is busy preparing for our orders.

A Cup Of Goodness On The House
Right after being seated, we were served these cups, pop corns, marshmallows and strawberry pretzels while the food is being prepared. Told myself I have to avoid them at all cost, so I ordered Cafe Americano, while enjoying my cup of coffee, I didn't realize that I started munching on these delights while chatting animatedly with friends, I just can't resist at how good and pleasing the pastel colors look.

The Food Delight
I am not some food connoisseur, if get into a menu and barely understand what is in it, I look for pictures instead. Fortunately, besides food pictures, the menu has short descriptions on what they can serve on the table, and we can ask the smiling lady anytime. These are some of the menu that we ordered, they are as appetizing as they look, hearty full meal that forced me to eat more than my breakfast fill.

The Desserts
After much adieu and waiting for a few of our late shifter colleagues arrival, we went down to the store's counter and order some cakes and desserts. The BGC branch has 2 floors, and the counter where  the pedestal for cakes are situated. It was every sweet tooth's delight, though I didn't really order for mine,  felt better off having a spoonful of a friends share. Every cake slices are just too much for me to consume alone, but at least I tasted a little bit of everything.

The Verdict
A rate of 4 out of 5, because I feel like it is. Everything dandy and good, though the place has the illusion of a wide open space, the accoustics would make a whisper sound like a regular conversation. So if you want a private place to enjoy with someone special, this is not it. Stacy's in BGC did serve us good as a Team and we all had a great time. Now if I'll be ask to return, certainly, I'll be glad to do so, this time with a date, well just have to keep our conversation down.

The toy truck on the wall.

Our Team Gwapo Manager and his GF stepping out.

Where To?
Stacy's, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Rizal Drive, Forbestown Heights (Near Mind Museum)
Bonifacio Global City, Tagui, Philippines
Phone Number: (+63) 9266752571

Stacy's, Capitol Hills
Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center
1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines
Phone Number: (+63) 9526843

Facebook Page: Stacy's

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  1. It's so homey that I can stay in their place for hours chatting with friends and indulge their scrumptious food! :D

  2. So... Refreshing! That's the effect of the pastel colors on me. Taking a mental note about this. From what I see, and based on your rating, I'm definitely checking it out.

  3. nom nom nom..I love to eat cakes! I want to visit Stacy's in my free time. And I hope they have a branch here in Quezon City.

  4. Me and my friends love hanging out and eating there at Stacy's!. Their desserts is a must try! :))

  5. I will ask Behbeh to bring me there. AHihih

  6. I want to go there :) How I wish magkaron sila ng Branch near me.


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