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Food Trip | Zen'z Restaurant At Mines View Park And Hotel

FOOD TRIP | Zen'z Restaurant at Mines View Park Hotel
Baguio Food Trip 2013

When we say Mines View Park, we envision the stunning view point that which this place was named after. It isn't my favorite place in Baguio but I do visit here regularly for the souvenir shops, and some photo session. Don't blame me if I never heard of Mines View Park Hotel until they sponsored the Baguio Food Tour 2013. An amazing gastronomic experience awaited us at Zenz Bar and Restaurant.

A modern cosmopolitan take on the Filipino Cuisine that we all love, this is what awaited us at Zenz Bar and Restaurant, the Mines View Park Hotel's in house restaurant.

I was busy posting on my Social Media accounts, showing photographs of Adobo with Strawberries and Sinigang with Strawberries. It made a buz with some of my friends, saying that they have seen this featured on TV, how would I know. Well, I'd always welcome a pleasant surprise, as the Restaurant Manager accommodated us while we are waiting to be served, the excitement was palpable, it's lunch time after all.

Still full from a prior Food Trip, my buddies took a damn long time to photograph the dishes. I'm not complaining though, as I needed my much needed rest. I never stood from my seat to take photos, feeling tired from last nights 6 hour bus ride I just took photos of the food served in front of me, I've got a good vantage point anyway. 

Hope you would excuse me for not being able to share photos of the ambiance, its classy and well lit with warm colors, though outside over the Mines View Park rain clouds are rolling, the atmosphere inside Zenz Bar and Restaurant is quite different. The staff and crew are all wearing formal clothing with dinner jackets, like stepping into a corporate dining venue. I was seriously under dressed, but I never felt out of place, I didn't find any dress code.

All the photos I'm sharing were shot with ambient light, so the food photos show the warm sulfur lights, the back lit white light is actually window light filtered from the outside, a good combination for indoor photography.

A Delightful Signature Dish

Chicken Pork Adobo with Strawberry a nice take on a beloved Filipino dish with just rightly cooked potatoes and fresh Strawberries still red which means it wasn't overcooked for us to savor its unique texture. A little fruity sweet that is balanced by sourness of cooked vinegar.

Strawberry Sinigang Sa Sampalok, another favorite lunch soup dish familiar and uniquely Filipino. Once place in the table by the courteous staff, I couldn't wait to dig in and try the sabaw. The familiar guava like texture of Baguio Strawberry is still evident, the floating Strawberries were still pinkish which means it was just right. The distinct flavor of Sampalok was balanced by the sweet tangies of Strawberry, as is with Baguio, the vegetables that made up this dish are farm fresh.

With just this two dish served for main course, I was surprise to find that I ate lots of them, I was full before I stepped out of this cozy restaurant.

The Sweet Servings

Choco Cheese Crepe there were actually a lot of desserts presented to us, but I only tried a few which I am sharing here. They are as delightful as they look.

Berry Strawberry Crisp the sought after Baguio home made Strawberry Ice Cream served on top of a crisp, I can't let this one pass. It was as expected, a good balance with just the right creaminess of the Ice cream.

Bloggers Present
This is what to expect in the Restaurants ambiance, not seen in the picture is the glorious chandeliers that scatters the warm light.

All present, the bloggers who participated in the recently concluded Baguio Food Tour 2013
(Photo by: Ramil delos Reyes, www.pinasmuna.com)

Where To?

Zen'z Restaurant
by Mines View Park Hotel
1 Apostol St, Corner Outlook Drive
Mines View Park, Baguio City
Phone Number: (74) 424 1088

Zenz Bar And Restaurant of The Mines View Park Hotel is a proud sponsor of the Baguio Food Tour 2013, supported by the Baguio's Department of Tourism and participated by 10 Food, Travel and Photography blogs all across the Philippines.

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