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Food Trip | Le Chef @ The Manor

FOOD TRIP | Le Chef @ The Manor
Baguio Food Trip 2013

It was pleasant, it was serene, though The Manor is suited for posh crowd, I'd never imagine stepping inside after being invited to an afternoon siesta in their in house restaurant Le Chef. From the entrance, you'll see polished wood basking in warm light, of huge chandeliers and hanging Christmas decoration lights, the liveries and attendants dressed to kill, of big luggage's towed in the lobby, it was all too formal.

We were led to a table that is overlooking the well tended lawn, with Baguio's cloudy afternoon sky complimenting the landscape. Looking good and very pleasant to the eyes,  dreamy landscape that's very good for dreamy and fantastical occasions like weddings.

Taking a little walk in the lawn, one can experience the splendid inner courtyard of The Manor, its towering architecture with the cabins. I can't helped but take a lot of photos in this well tended garden while trying to fit the huge edifice of the manor.

Back to the dining experience, it was so and so for me. It felt like we came here for the place, a good place for afternoon merienda for us who had been busy in the last 2 days. Le Chef offered the best chance for us to take a breather. Known as the best fine-dinning restaurant in Baguio City, sweeping a eyeful look of the place, I gather that it lives up to it.

Lounging In Le Chef

Pasta Penne alla Bolognese - I love pasta's especially with Penne tubes. It brings back a lot of good memories.

The Manor Clubhouse Sandwich - For an afternoon merienda, the Pasta alone was heavy. But I realised that my fellow bloggers are grabbing into this Sandwich, especially the French Fries, it's particularly good.

Mud Pie Bars - The sight of them made me greedy, the texture was baked just right.

The Verdict?
A must visit for the quality of food, great ambiance and impeccable service. We've probably spent a lot of time here lounging than necessary, the ambiance is really good. Since our schedule was an afternoon merienda, it can't be helped that we didn't really experience fine dining in Le Chef. But as it is, I've made them on my bucket list. They actually have a Guest Dress Code, I was worried all the time because I came in Preppy with my sleeveless tank top, shorts and slip in strappy gladiator sandals. Thankfully I didn't look under dress and wasn't escorted out. It wasn't that cold, so I didn't bring in any jackets for cover ups, something to take note next time.

Another note, since we didn't make arrangements for transportation, we found it a challenge to hail a cab outside The Manor so here we were. We ended up walking half a kilometer to where most cabs would pass.

Where To?

Le Chef at The Manor
Loakan Road, 
Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Telephone: (+6374) 424-0931 local 1058
Email: partypro@lechef.com.ph
Facebook: Le Chef at the Manor
Website: www.campjohnhay.ph

Le Chef @ The Manor is a proud sponsor of the Baguio Food Tour 2013, supported by the Baguio's Department of Tourism and participated by 10 Food, Travel and Photography blogs all across the Philippines.

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  1. It seems like you and your friends had a great time.

  2. I love having breakfast at the Manor because of the view so whenever I have time, I go there with family or friends.

  3. Their Pasta Penne ala Bolognese looks really delicious!


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