Friday, March 7, 2014

Sagada | Wild Flowers From Mountain Province

SAGADA | Wild Flowers From Mountain Province

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful town of Sagada, in the Mountain Province twice for two consecutive years. It has brought some of the most memorable travel adventures and experience, not only that, due to the cool climate, the photowalks along the rice terraces with scattering of wild flowers and small gardens lit up the environment, it is a place rich in Floras. So here I am sharing some of my prized set of Flora Photos taken while I was wandering the hills of Sagada.

This photo was taken during a tour of the Echo Valley, a place behind Sagada's Gothic church and local cemetery. This was among the treasure's of the Church garden.

Another flower from the church garden.

This is the flower of a wild guava bush. Taken along the trails of Bomod-ok Rice Terraces.

The orange blooms, another flower from the church gardens.

Wild flowers along rice paddies.

The wild yellow flower

I rare moment, capturing a photo of a dying wild butterfly. This was taken during my first visit in Bomod-ok Rice Terraces in 2011.

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